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It’s time to change the SEO report..!

SEO reports are often very useful for SEO professionals. Advocate General Greg Gifford argues that if you really want to prove the value of your customer service, you need to link the reports directly to the end.

You will think that a year after this message, I have no more things in the soap box, right? Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately, as they provide me with writing materials), SEO still has many errors and mistakes – and many marketers need help.

This time I’m talking about SEO reports. I have provided some intensive local SEO course conferences around the world and always have monthly reports. Marketers should not be happy with what they provide to their customers and their customers never seem very happy with the reports they receive every month.

The big problem is that most of us live in our small local SEO coupons and really do not think about how people are thinking about SEO reports. We live, eat, breathe and leak SEO – some of you even give your pet a name after the update algorithm. No one has ever stopped thinking about how to effectively communicate with someone who does not know how SEO works and how making an effective SEO reports.

Most of our customers do not consider Google’s activity, much less how they should be better optimized for search results. They only know that if they have more visibility in the search, they earn more business. The rest is a big, scary black box.

By giving them reports full of SEO jargon and digital jargon marketing, they get glass eyes. If they see a graph after an overview of the data, this means nothing to them, they are really out of the question. As long as sales are not returned, they may assume that their service is profitable – but they are uncertain and really not supportive.

If you want to keep customers in the long run, you need to create a report that shows the real value to your customers and not your marketing communications. You can send large reports showing unreasonable growth orders and organic traffic reports that you use, for example, at future sales events – but if customers do not understand jargon or information, reporting is useless.

Even worse, when joining new brainwashing clients in reports they were previously filled with useless or misleading information. They are waiting for the same mistakes and you spend a lot of time in the first few months to loosen up your new reporting system.

Instead of ending the madness, life will be easier for all of us. Our customers will be happy and we will be easier to ensure our customers are in the area for long periods. Here are some key points in this report:

Do not talk about the link

Customers want to know how much money they spend – they want to know, what you do, what they are using. I can not say how many monthly SEO reports only included the monotonic tasks from the previous month. How does this help customers prove ROI?

In the same spirit, mention the useless link. Of course, this shows that you have a few links to customers, but on the other hand, it’s not very valuable in what you do. Most clients do not really understand how the links work or why they are important. You do not need to include it in your report.

Stop the weight of the data

We all know that you are a fan of Google Analytics and you can play many cards for your customers. But what does it mean? You can contact the customer who really likes to inform but when the owner checks, they are eyes and wonder why they spend thousands on something they do not understand.

If you have a customer who wants to get all the information, give it to him. If other customers do not care, change your report! You do not need to provide the same reporting template for each client.

Stop the dashboard!

Several reasons for many traders jump on the dashboard for the train. Do not get me wrong, I think the dashboard is a great tool – on the inside team. When you create a dashboard for customers, they have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to see what’s happening. We should all maintain a sudden drop in traffic or a decline in position – when customers have a dashboard, these issues always come to you. Also, most of the panels are too much, making them more confusing for customers who do not get all the details.

Also stop with a rating report!

Investors are great tools – just for internal teams. You should monitor visibility and change search results strictly.

But here’s a reporter: included in your ranking, your report does not mean cohabit. The investment does not match the customer’s revenue. I can rank new clients with a hundred keywords in less than a week – of course they will be all long and unreliable rejects, but the boy will be interesting with SEO report!

It’s all about the background

By summarizing this in the simplest concepts, local SEO tasks are not to get our clients to improve local search, but to give our customers more money. Current. If you really want to prove the value of your customer service, you must link the report directly to the results of your business.

Ideally, your SEO work will increase your visibility in the local search, which, in turn, leads to increased traffic, leading to more messages that hope to generate more revenue.

Realistically, SEO reports require only one page. You should show how organic traffic improves over time and you need to show how wires (and especially organic wires) will improve over time. In most cases.

However, if customers need something more to see the real benefits, do not be afraid to create a custom report! You can have clients that only manage the number of incoming calls per month, while others refer only to the number of subscribers returned. The unique size is not suitable and its ability to create a special report that truly demonstrates the value of your service by continuing long term with long term customer relationships.

As a merchant, we will succeed if we do not think merchants for our customers

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