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Google search is seen as an indispensable tool for Luxury Investors Fashion

London, UK – A major new luxury for investors is a tool to find more recent Prada wallets and Birkin handbags. It’s a Google search.

He said that Macquarie analysts say that stock-scavengers the world is through the rise in the world of advertising research is a good sign that retailers have increased.

Google Trends earnings report dry recovery of Gucci SA property for about three months before acceleration, as well as 2012 and 2016, including analysts Daniele Gianera Macquarie said. They also have sales Salvatore Ferragamo delay of six to nine months before happening in 2015, they said. Ferragamo shares fell more than 30 percent since the peak in mid-April of the same year in November.

A rising star when including LVMH, Moncler SpA, Prada SpA, Tiffany & Co. and merge the first two marketed cheaper than their peers, according to Macquarie. Prada is one of the largest search growths and revenue correlation Google, while Moncler has two of the best trend shows growth in Google’s “growing consumer interest in the brand.”

The global luxury “structural slowdown” since 2014, analysts Macquarie wrote. This environment creates a “market game” where “Growth can only be achieved by increasing the conversion of existing stores and the increasing prevalence of e-commerce activities,” he said.

Google Trends – although unstable and very seasonal – a good indicator of the brand may be a “temperature”, according to analysts. They see this trend over time as more and more consumers shop online.

In February 2017, the Gucci brand is the largest annual increase in interest rates, followed by Fendi SpA and LVMH. This underlines the strength of LVMH’s two largest fashion and leather brands, according to analysts, will continue in 2017. The label is also positive for most brands.

Analysts see the growth of sales in the past and compare Google’s search trends to determine the relationships between data points. They look so positive correlation and add a Google search on the company to provide a positive value. All they have found no correlation is YSL barrier, which they say is due to a mixture of core and beauty.

Burberry Group plc

Ferragamo is not yet visible translated for benefit and will have “minimum 6 months before the mark can be record to the perceive changes in request.” Burberry Group plc is energetic specially in social media as well as iTunes, but they still defeatist in a Google search, they said.

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