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North Korean hackers due to cryptographic attacks, reports in South Korean newspapers

The South Korean spy hacker said that North Korean hackers were late in this year’s attack on security coins, about $ 7.6 billion ($ 6.99) of encryption was stolen, the paper said on Saturday.

Cyber ​​attacks by North Korean hackers include personal information leaked out of 36,000 accounts in Bitthumb’s global world trade in June, Chosun Ilbo reported in South Korea, citing the National Intelligence Service (NIS).

Stakes included stealing the encryption account on Yapizon, which is now fair to Youbit and Coinis in April and September, he said.

North Korean hackers

$ 7.6 billion of false crypto currency earned $ 90 billion ($ 82.7 million), said Chosun Ilbo. He also told the NOS that the North Korean hackers also claimed $ 6 billion ($ 5.5 million) in Bitthumb in exchange for personal data that were discarded.

Another cyber attack on about 10 Norwegian coins from hacker encryption, with malware emails, was unveiled by the Korea Security Agency Agency (KISA), the paper said.

The NIS found that the malware used to cut the stock in the same way was the malware used to hack Sony Pictures and the Bangladesh Central Bank in 2014 and 2016, respectively, as reported by Chosun Ilbo.

The NOS also noted that the email used in an attack using the Internet address of North Korea according to Chosun Ilbo.

NOS declined to comment. I can not comment on KISA, Bitthumb, Youbit and Coinis

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