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Man arrested near the gates of Royal Air Force base which used by US

The United States Air Force in England was closed on Monday after the vehicle was trying to pave the way for the facility, officials said.

“The base is closed and the emergency situation responds to the situation,” based on a statement on the Facebook page. “People around the assembly are invited to avoid the base station at this time.

Local police said they were responding to RAF “big events” in Mildenhall, UK, located 75 kilometers northwest of London, where US personnel were.

“The police responded to the report of RAF Mildenhall’s main event, more details will follow our latest developments,” Suffolk police said.

The plant closes at 13:00. (8:00 ET).

Security issues have been backed in the UK by several terrorist attacks or entrepreneurs this year.

In 2016, the healers were arrested for depicting death, and then the beeshunters of the US service personnel were led to take revenge on friends who were killed in Syrian rhythmic attacks. In 2015, the US team on July 4 celebrated the anniversary of the terrorist attacks due to rising fears.

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