It is no secret that the traffic to the store to most businesses is valuable. In fact, when the average rate of 2.35% and the conversion of industrial sites, the average conversion rate of 33% to trade traffic. That is – if you can move users to a website that knocks at your door, there are about 1 3 chance that they will make a purchase. So how do you make it happen?

Here are six ways to use digital marketing to go it alone to visit our company:

1. Optimize your website

Did you know that the user experience begins before a prospect visits your site? User experience starts where webperspectieven to find. Daily users go to a search engine to find the answer to what they are looking for. Some experts say up to 30% of all searches in terms of local structure.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, utilizing the knowledge of search engines and how they work to update and edit your web pages, so you can easily find the search engine results page. The side effect is well optimized site is a better user experience on the page. This is due to the fact that when determining the ranking (on the search results page) down, search engines take into account all the menus, scroll through time, new relevant content, graphics, media and more .

Also, a strong SEO strategy, a few things you need to consider a site that can help increase visits to the stores:

  • Online Scheduling – Appointments can be scheduled after hours!
  • Call to Action – Make it clear what the next steps are. For example: Visit us today!
  • Print at home and mobile coupons – which can only be done by trade

2. Visitors for paid search

Search high commercial intent will still be the highest paid promotions. They are advantageous location at the top of the search results pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We have already talked about local products and how important it is to take up this research. How to optimize your PPC campaign will it be more competitive to add this search and save more?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure all GEOS related TARGET
  • Make sure all relevant GEOS are included in your keyword list
  • Check out keywords you close to me
  • Use the ad schedule for more aggressive post prices
  • Consider optimization for mobile users

3. Get Smart on Social

Social media marketing gives hard results. And every other aspect of your business is managed, Twitter or Facebook may be the last on your list. If you do not take advantage of social media, you can not miss the chance to go to a store visit.

Facebook is a good place to start – it has a huge user base in every geography and relatively easy to use. You do not have to send every day to succeed, but you must be present. Here are some easy ways to promote Facebook visits:

  • Optimize profile
  • Make sure your business information is accurate (such as address and opening hours)
  • Positive Customer Experience
  • To promote sales, Facebook ad store events
  • Share photos of goods and / or services

4. Use mobile power

The emergence of smart phones in the world than ever before. We keep in touch; While we dream. A recent study found that 71% of people sleep with their smartphones. You can use the amount of time that on-screen mobile phones and tablets will appear for mobile advertising. Geofencing is a low cost way to get your local forecast while on the go. Whether you want to focus bars shows your store or directly local competitors, your brand can be displayed on the screen, just steps from your door. And it offers a perfect opportunity to entice them a coupon or special.

5. Forget your current non-customers

By participating in a marketing plan, which is designed to manage personal visit, you can not ignore a loyal customer. Repeat customers are the most valuable segment of the business. They will re-use the service again and again – to increase life expectancy. And they also brand ambassador and influence can recommend to family, friends and colleagues. After returning visitors often have clients, targeting again is a good way to get back to it. Edit the message from recurring advertising clients. Make sure it is seasonal and related products and services that you need in the near future. And do not forget the call to action!

6. Ask your local listing

Prospects often turn to the direction of the Internet and public enterprises. This is a normal search before the visit happens in the store. Although the company is represented and any Web page, the prospect can not see the card list. Anna and potential customers to jump through hoops for you. Keep in mind that competition in every corner trying to distract them. Faithful customers are less vulnerable but for the first time may be afraid of something as simple as not found in their store when they need it. Make sure you have verified and verified by our local listings. Focus on big pitchers like Google My Business or Yelp. But other company-specific deals such as Angie’s list, Casa Advisor ZocDoc Apartment Finder.

Website traffic is important – and still be a metric that you consider in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies. But the decision or shopping is still done offline in many industries. That is, if the marketing focuses on your website traffic is running, you may not get the desired results. Using the strategies listed here, you can focus more on store traffic and grow your business