Sydney: US retail giant Amazon announces its first location in Australia on Thursday, industrial parks outside Melbourne are a key step towards the launch of the world’s 12th largest economy.

Amazon Warehouse in Australia

Australia can now buy Amazon a product from abroad, but the prospect of a dedicated warehouse will increase the pressure on traditional brick and mortar merchants to protect all fragile sales.

Retailers in Seattle have confirmed plans to bring the online store service online, the Amazon Marketplace, to Australia in April, without saying that when it will launch the service, or whether it will seek stock is a big country.


Amazonas Australia

It does not say when the service in Australia or the pay service will start. The Amazon Marketplace asks retailers to advertise on Amazon’s website and use its warehouse and cargo network.

“This is just the beginning,” said Robert Bruce, manager of Amazonas Australia.

Over time, bringing thousands of new jobs to Australia and millions of dollars in investments and possibly thousands of companies to sell to Australian citizens at the Amazon Marketplace, at home and abroad. ‘

Bruce adds that Melbourne, a warehouse about 42 km away, will have “hundreds of thousands of products available for delivery to customers in Australia”

Australian carriers were challenged to serve only 24 million people scattered across the continent, almost in the United States.

But four-fifths of people living on the east coast, Melbourne or the big city of Sydney, are the obvious choice for their first stock.