Amazon has launched Amazon spark, very Instagram-like social shopping feed. All images and messages have been affixed to the product, but most are – and can be purchased from Amazon.

It is located in the Amazon, and there are many ways to describe it: a social network for shopping, “shoppable food,” Q & A community, and so on. We can discuss whether it looks like Pinterest or Instagram (he draws inspiration). The goal is clearly to create a social commitment to buy Amazon, which leads directly to the product.

Identify key themes

In ‘subscribe‘ to ask users to identify key themes from a complete menu. This list includes regional and different interests (eg, Travel, Art & Design, Humor, Fitness) lifestyle Product group. Amazon recognized that if this is just about pushing a product, it would not be as interesting as the wider interest in community languages, which also includes products in a broader context.

I’m not talking directly to Amazon here, but my guess is that the target user is a woman of 20 to 50 or more. Below is a collection of scenes that reflect the power and user experience. By far it looks pretty good as Instagram. Not all images attached to a product; There is a mother and son on the beach, people walking and images of animals next waffle machine.

Something interesting about the Spark

But if a product for sale in the picture (see above) you can usually find a yellow circle or a bubble. If you press it, you go to the product image and description and then the Amazon product detail page. If contributors, users will be invited to share something interesting and invited to upload pictures, products, links or queries.

Although open to everyone, anyone can register and locate users to browse and buy food – sending you need to enter Prime. Also, you will spend $ 50 on Amazon to fully participate in the society. The threshold for becoming a full member of the Amazon spark will pay at least $ 149 on Amazon:

Promote customer reviews or responses to customers, to cut, as a discussion forum issued to the customer or to follow other participants, you must be at least $ 50 credit or legally issued debt. Prime signatures and rebates are not entitled to a minimum of $ 50. Also, to encourage the spark must be a taxable cousin (the judgment can not be given) on. You do not need to meet this requirement for employees or clients to read other material submitted to post questions, a profile page, create or edit tables or records.

Although some might dispute this, Amazon has completed identifying the problem to the user. It really creates a new channel to promote product sales. Users really have no problem finding products. The question now is whether the seller of the product to participate and promote their products.

The short answer is no: “If you want to maintain the integrity of content and activities ranging from advertising, or calling to (directly or indirectly) are not allowed …” However, Amazon gives those who have “an advantage Economic “to the product or the company the opportunity to participate in limited circumstances, the disclosure of a splash:

You put the answer to the question that asks the question and answer (but not the question itself) the goods or services for which you have a financial relationship or a close personal relationship with the brand, seller, writer or artist, but only if You make a connection with a clear and obvious known (eg. “I represent the brand for these products.”). We will automatically mark the responses to the seller or manufacturer where additional information is required.

Amazon customers to move

You can send content for review and questions of what customer answers and product or service you are a financial or a close personal relationship with the brand, seller, writer or artist to another, but only if you explicitly and explicitly call connection (eg. “I paid for this job.”). However, there is a brand or a company in the Community can participate in various ways (including advertising, promotions and other “call to action”) that Amazon customers to move to another site, service, application or distribute Amazon not site with The purpose of conducting marketing or sales …

This policy immediately open the door to “Inspired Payment” to participate in Spark, they will certainly do (see the message “#sponsored”). If the use of fireworks can produce enough, I believe it is an effective channel.

Overall, Amazon was remembered by Spark experience. But people are willing to invest the time in addition to other networks Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? The idea fills me with fatigue.

At present, only the United States and Spark iPhone.