Leadership, for me, is a process of social influence in which a person can encourage others to give help and support to maximize their efforts in a common goal, the hope of harmony to achieve their business goals. As far as digital cable away, it can be described as creating clear direction, influence and facilitate sustainable change over access to information, technology and digital tactics. It requires a combination of dynamic mindset, behavior, strategies and skills used to change and / or enhance business culture through digital channels. Digital Leadership is not about fancy devices or the latest trends but rather that it is about strategic thinking to use the resources available to improve the business and anticipate the changes needed to create a business to focus on growth and performance.

In today’s age of digital leaders may have different titles, such as digital strategy, digital manager or director. No matter what the job, but the actions and features is what is important. Digital power manager is always aware of the goals of the company and be able to support them in their own power. Digital executives who want to explore how information technology can help organizations better meet their customers’ needs and changing business needs.

Digital leader who has been able to understand how important it is to analyze the data received and the company processes that support it. This includes all factors external to the organization that have the effect of different environments in which they can participate.

Organizations that value digital cable communication are often important, creativity and openness and a desire for new ways in which technology and digital information can be used to study successful business projects, internal projects and key performance indicators . Efficient digital management, organizations will be able to workflow and business processes, enabling new applications, products and services, creating, maintaining legacy applications and marketing activities at optimal levels.

Years of work in digital format, some of the key features great digital leader I have met are:

  • Often new opportunities
  • Willingness to experiment,
  • Understand how technology is changing society and to move the BIA
  • Promotion of the cooperative environment
  • The use of data, not just technology

Professor Zamor, “Digital leaders are transitional (behavioral, economic, social) that drives new technologies in the process of creating understanding, including mobile, social networks, cloud, large volume data managers needed to translate this change of impact into Fundamental business for industrial, organizational and individual levels. ”

For ten years working in digital format, I have a good idea of ​​how much data is converted into decisions that improve business performance achieved. But at the same time, I learned to use it to promote the individual achievement and team of my colleagues.

Digital cable is less about people and bring together a team of energy, skill and vision can get along with the wave of digital transformation.

Digital leader, one of the ways that inspire digital transformation, believe me, and those who are willing to go find and try new things. These are the people who have a change of mentality and can receive digital. These people are the ones who produce quick profits and spread the good news first. These people help keep the momentum moving through the process of creating change. Do not forget them; Go out and find them in one of the first important step because this is the first of a group of lawyers.

Digital leader, you not only need to be aware of any discipline, with digital effect in the organization, but also to thrive and be an example for the whole organization.

Digital leader of the people in your organization. They are people and drive great changes may indicate a digital transformation of data point will not only benefit the company but also offers an incredible experience of our customers and create loyalty and generate revenue.

Digital boundaries push the cable and call for silos, leading to greater enterprise integration and collaboration within the organization.

While some key metrics such as return on interest rates or click operation, your contribution to increasing business value is determined by the way you align CEO KPI. –

I have tried using digital skills and strong leadership to approach clients and position of my colleagues, and improve business processes. I rely on data for my views. I am linking data and advanced analytics to make better decisions to improve the quality of the customer experience and create a competitive advantage.