Learn about the functions of Digital Marketing Manager, a professional who implements and supervises marketing strategies in a company

Digital Marketing Manager was the most demanded profession during 2015 in Spain, according to the index of professions of the School of Digital Business INESDI. In fact, it covered 34% of the available digital job offers. In this article we invite you to know the role of the Digital Marketing Manager, the specific knowledge required to work in the sector and the necessary qualifications.

The main task of Digital Marketing Manager is to implement and monitor a company’s digital marketing strategy through a plan aimed at meeting corporate objectives. In addition, it is responsible for producing reports on the performance of the marketing department that is evident in key indicators.

Functions of the Digital Marketing Manager


  • Plan the overall online marketing strategy to fit the company’s expectations.

  • Develop a budget to develop a digital marketing strategy, measuring the risks and optimizing it to get the most out of the available resources.

  • Control inbound marketing, email marketing and the one that is applied in the networks or social accounts of the company.

  • Manage branding online, which involves taking care of brands and domains.

  • Optimize the online positioning of the website through the implementation of SEO and SEM, in addition to follow-up.

  • Update the content architecture for the web and advertising, creating mechanisms to monitor in real time the behavior of customers in order to meet the objectives.

  • Manage the database.

  • Create online advertising through platforms and supports that enhance the brand.

  • Analyze the digital marketing strategies of the competition, in order to know the market.

  • Investigate the profile of customers to drive traffic to the company’s web product and increase conversion rates through different techniques that include email marketing.

  • Improve the usability of the web and the user experience to be a regular customer, generating possibilities of conversion.

  • Develop partner programs.

What To Study To Be A Digital Marketing Manager

There are several postgraduate courses in Digital Marketing that allow you to perform in the role, such as Master in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Master in Digital Marketing & Web Analytics, Executive Program in Digital Transformation or Digital Marketing & Inbound Marketing, among other related options. Continuous training is essential when working with technology, as progress is constant and requires increasingly specific training.

Usually a Digital Marketing Manager has between 3 and 6 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. In terms of work, their tasks, achievements and concerns are reported to the Marketing Department of the company.

Knowledge and skills are the Digital Marketing Manager

It is important to deal with the concept that pours the best strategy for the development of the marketing trend. In addition, the digital world requires instruction in English as well as the terms commonly used in areas that are not normally translated into Spanish but received the same language.

Consumer email marketing information, social networking, SEO, PPC and affiliates also applied to act as Digital Marketing Manager. The ability to communicate in formal and informal situations, it is necessary, like the work of professionals at various levels, to interact with clients, if necessary, to organize the work of others and inform you.

Companies with products and websites to develop the large fragmented into different areas, each area must decide to work together because it is important to identify the needs of other departments and complete. In addition, there is the possibility of new challenges in an environment variable, such as technology, is useful in the tasks of Digital Marketing Manager development.