What is DTube?

DTube is a JavaScript directory that works in your browser and allows you to upload and watch videos via IPFS. In addition, you can use STEEM as a database so you can get rewards for your downloads.

This may be a sign for anyone reminding the announcement of the SteemQ project with almost five thousand ringgit as a gift, but never finished and finally recreated. It has not been in operation for over a year and although Alpha uses the Back-End server for everything and is still focused. I’m sure I’m not Steem: only one person is disappointed.

I chose a different approach. Build something first – talk later. If you think I do everything by myself (and open source library, of course) and it takes 4 months to get it right from the start.

Many of these articles are technically and probably not very interesting to some people, but I think a lot of my followers are interested in this discussion so I’ll explain how this works. Sorry for the text input wall 🙂

How to use DTuba

  • Enter the username of your STEP
  • Enter your private shipment Send as follows:


Youtube and Facebook have this great functionality that allows you to easily combine multiple channels in your account and switch easily between them. I’m sure I’m not just a consumer arm with multiple accounts, and using a different browser or robot to fit all accounts is a fast and boring speed. On DTube, you can access as many accounts as you want and switch between them.

I do not know why SteemIt does not yet have this feature.

DTub has an alternate menu that can be used throughout the application. In this way, you can customize your mood, filter NSFW content in the same way as SteemIt.com, and edit IPFS settings. IPFS Gateway lowers files when application interface is what we use to download

You must first sign in to use the download page.
Just add a video, click (aka thumbnail) and finally fill in the blocked block text and upload it!

If everything goes well, you need to take the video to your video by uploading your video and playing videos between 0 and 30 seconds depending on the gate and the connection speed.

Search Videos

There are three main ways to find DTubes content. You can navigate to the main page and search for new categories, HOT and TRENDING. They work as SteemIt.
To access a specific channel, go directly to my test report at https://dtube.video/c/curator.
Finally, you can use the search in the top bar for more information later.

hHow does DTube work?

In the STOCK Blockchain database

Since we really want DTube not to be centralized, we can not access the database server and use it to request anything. Using a block device is a natural solution. STEEM has many advantages over other networks. Fast (cubic in 3 seconds). It is free, and anyone can use it without paying any currency and paying for the transactions. Who wants to pay for uploading videos, commenting on or disclosing video material? No one As an added bonus, the STEEM lock chain already has a useful mechanism.

Videos downloaded from DUBA are STEM content that can earn bonus for 7 days. DTube does not use content or content titles to store data. If you do not want to send live bait video, you can edit them or delete them to make sure the video is not limited to DTube. While it is not possible to offer other platforms like steemit.com or busy.org, I believe the current behavior is good and the platform is growing and the user is rewarded.

Use IPFS as a static file cache

IPFS is a protocol that stores distributed files. The first is called the Distributed Stack Fund (DHT). The same principle applies to a BitTorrent network. Because encryption values ​​use asymmetric encryption, the DHT network has mixed content to describe the file. It is very easy to ensure that the distribution is a well-known file and distribution of the files ensures that the uploaded file is the original.

Why do not you use Torrent? Torrent can be more content and mainstream. However, Torrent is not integrated into the network. Some applications like “WebTorrent” require some customers, “hybrid” employees working in bridges to transfer files to web clients, clients like uTorrent, they are trying to do the job but still working in browser transfers. It’s not easy, it’s even less effective. I am confident that pirate content is used to see things and enjoy, but sadly it is not possible, to connect people to connect to the crowded popcorn to build something without a browser working on hybrid clients.

IPFS is a younger, more open and actively developed protocol. It’s a beautiful future. This is no longer available using the most important storage space for the project.

IPFS storage cost

IPFS is cool, but it’s not magic. You need to embed files and your browser can not store large files permanently (most browsers have only 50 MB of local storage) so applications can not be made now. The first idea was to ask some witnesses to load some IPFS nodes, after some discussion, it was clear that this would create more problems than solutions, since most of the witnesses were for non-technical people and implementation and configuration of IPFS nodes seemed The challenge is difficult for most people. But I still believe that this solution is correct, but I must clarify that the documentary or something easier for witnesses to actively participate in the DTU networks and launch files (and get some rewards).

Instead, I look for an existing IPFS node and contact the owner of the IPFS store, a site that pays Bitcoin to store files on an IPFS network. After some positive responses and education, @annannal (steem, twitter / etc), I know I met my husband.

I recently created @ dtube Account. This account is used to collect 25% of the DTu factors bar. 10% of these costs are used for long-term storage of IPFS files. The fee is $ 0.044 / GB per month. So, for example, you send 100 MB of video that gets $ 10, so $ 0.25 will be sent and give you a termination notice for about 57 months. When that time has passed, users have to pay for themselves (naturally received encryption) to include files or directly incubate their own computers and extensions.


Most developers know that “Do not recreate wheels”. Likewise, the design and user experience. YouTube’s flagship video platform has been successful for years and copying is beneficial. Especially when I’m the front end of the developing piston and UI project. I’ve tried copying the look and feel of the YouTube semantic interface. Although I’m proud of what it looks like, I’m sure some of the most talented people in me are in terms of how bad it looks and plays.

I am very open to suggestions. Or, if you’re a web designer with a good portfolio and UI semantics experience, contact me at steemit.chat.

Use AskSteem to search

Non-technical people can be difficult to understand, but research is really the most difficult problem of the profitable products of DTubin. If you have a database database or Mongo database, a simple search. But this database is a steem-stealth chain, and we can not see directly connected with its sound button. I understand that search is a priority blogging platform, especially when Google’s content is all content and provides a search API. But on DTube, users use a lot.

I contacted @thekyleen, a qualified developer who submitted to SteemIt, but did not receive much of the reward. He recently introduced AskSteem, a search engine for STEEM inhibitors. His service uses the ElasticSearch database and crawls new videos in 15 minutes.

The API is initially insufficient to provide certain information, such as a video button (thumbnail) in the search results, otherwise I need to call a single search for each search result, lots of useless phone calls. @kykye fulfills the request to improve the API in less than 24 hours and made it as possible. (I.e.

Maybe the research is not centered. All search queries leave the AskSteem server, search results can be changed, or queries can only stop working if @thekee decides to close it.

The best solution is to get the search function directly on the sewing node. Another solution is to run another DHT network in an application with blur search functionality. I do not really know this by making a fuzzy DHT search algorithm possible without making mistakes and do not think anyone is the answer to this question on Earth. That’s why I decided to compromise. Let’s see how this works.

The data is kept fixed

DTube uses local storage to store data. First save the user account and set the key so you do not have to stay at a time. I consider no one surprised because steemit.com does the same.

Secondly, DTube stores your videos to watch Watch Again. Like on YouTube, that’s it. You may find that the target premium does not appear on the class clocks since these benefits can be changed at any time and are not possible for the data we have stored for some time.

If you occasionally clear your browser, you must enter and delete the history of videos you are watching to be able to find it again. Just a friendly alert 🙂

Why can not I register as the primary password or active key?

Because of that, something is delayed. Steemit.com is only allowed because the application also has a wallet. XSS attacks are common on the Internet, and most developers are legitimate paranoids. I feel terrible if some of my apps lose my books and money. Instead, it is easier to force users to use mailing codes and reduce risk.

DTube has no functionality that requires anything other than the zip code. That does not mean wallet, password reset, internal trading, no power and less work for me. If you want to manage STEEM rates, ask them to use the platform. Just use your zip code on any web platform like steemit.com, busy.org, etc.

The last word

I personally believe that decentralization is the future, you still have little hope. Competing with YouTube is a difficult task that no one can do. My goal for this project is to demonstrate video capabilities almost focused on the IPFS Dome. It works, but we do not know how long it works in the long run. There are also many additional features on YouTube that make your experience better. What I’ve built can represent 1% of the work required, which may have something that can compete with YouTube. I built several walls but no insulation or paintings, and the whole building could collapse at any time.