The Wall Street Journal said Tuesday that Facebook Inc. has received more than a billion people from WhatsApp, a daily communications service.

WhatsApp is testing new features in the blog library that will help people communicate with companies that want to reach WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business for Small Business

“We are creating and testing new tools through enterprise solutions for large-scale companies like Free WhatsApp Business for Small Business and large companies globally working with customers such as airlines, electronic commerce and banks.” blog post

WhatsApp has launched a pilot project that has a green badge next to its business links and confirms that the company has accepted the ordering service.

Matt Idema said in an interview with Lehdessä, “We plan to improve our business in the future.”

Speaking in March, said that the potential revenue source of WhatsApp would lead to companies seeking to reach customers and list institutional documents.

WhatsApp, created on Facebook in 2009, is $ 22 billion in 2014. During the negotiations, while the sales of WhatsApp are low, the purchase price is above the market value of Sony Corp.

Facebook now stands on WhatsApp. To further improve the chat service, social networks began promoting Messenger applications in July.

Idema refuses to say when they will release their paid resources from the disclosure or according to the report. “We do not use marketing details,” he told the newspaper.