Google has a number of AdSense policy changes that contribute to the transparency of site owners. You can take measurements on the bottom of the page.

In the past, they violate AdSense ads bring the total obtained from this site. Now AdSense ads to the infringements that contain a specific page. This will cause less disruption for publishers who depend on AdSense revenue.

Termination of the AdSense program

The company says that this policy change can act quickly when the ad editor should be removed. On-site activities continues to be used, Google said. Repeated violations may still lead to termination of the AdSense program.

If it advertises for a site and wants to know why Google has developed a new communication channel. There is a new administrative center for publishers who use AdSense is that everything needs to learn to recognize individuals for housing policy.

Central base to identify where the breaches were found and serial-by-step to solve the problem. So you can use basic sentrum to tell Google when your site is ready for review.

Features for AdSense publishers

The new policy center will be ready in a few weeks and is one of the new topaanvragen features for AdSense publishers. Google said other political centers like this, may not be deported yet another publisher platform this year.