Alphabet Inc. Google works in Indonesia to address video content that is considered offensive, as material that may be mentioned by violence or hate speech, said a senior official research giant.

Google plans to create a “creditor credible” program in Indonesia in the next two to three months, Ann Lavin, Google’s director of procurement and public ordering in Southeast Asia and China, told a news conference in Jakarta.

Programs in countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States are actually selected users instead of re-requesting content from your YouTube video sharing forum in bulk.

Content marked by group members is a priority for review, and Google may remove it. (

Increasingly content that promotes intolerance and religious radicalism is divided into Indonesia as the largest Muslim population in the world and some of the most advanced social networking users such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook officials

Indonesian Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara on Friday, two days after meeting with Facebook officials on the problem of negative content, is discussed separately with representatives of Google and Twitter Inc.

At a news conference after a meeting with Google Lavin, Rudiantara said his ministry was cheaper to protect the content of radicalism, violence and promotion of the Indonesian drug.

But the Indonesian government is trying to develop a “filtration system,” said Rudiantara, who uses a name.

In addition, the Ministry of Communication said that Lavin, Google will also act as a civil society organization, such as the Wahid Institute led by the moderate Muslim figure of Yenny Wahid and the anti-fraud community of MAFINDO.

Although the movement restricts the content of hostility is positive, it is clear that both the government and the Google process, said the head of government institutions, Nawawi Bahrud, a legal aid center for the press.

“They have to use their own standards,” Bahrudin said over the phone. “They should be transparent and not just interrelated.”

largest economic enterprise

In June, Asia Pacific’s Rudiant headquarters arrived in Asia with an agreement on upcoming tax breaks after a month of controversy over the government, which protects the way for the emergence of the same largest economic enterprise in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia has led multinational technology companies to combine domestic, saying that by creating small businesses to provide “emergency“, they are relieved of the low pressures and most of their income from books from countries elsewhere