Google is working with Indonesia on contagious content

Alphabet Inc. Google works in Indonesia to address video content that is considered offensive, as material that may be mentioned by violence or hate speech, said a senior official research giant. Google plans to create [...]

Google to stop searching in Gmail to create targeted ads

Alphabetic Google Inc. said Friday that it will stop the digitization of Gmail content to create unique ads this year when e-mail is used online services business, Suite G. The decision was explained put in [...]

Google confirmed that interstitial mobile feather hatched

So, in January 2017, Google's biggest Mobile Interstitial penalty. January 11, 2017, Google said it began to spin, but there was little affected site, people who suffer, hard hit, but the gap is minimal, and [...]

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Google Small Business Message Transition to Google My Business

Small businesses with Google's messaging program can still use this trial service, but the location of the event has moved to Google My Business. Google Messaging is a feature that allows people and companies to [...]

Google Chrome automatically blocks annoying ads

Google Chrome browser soon confirmed the company Thursday, coming ahead of the pre-installed technology, which will intercept the most annoying ads that interrupt the web experience. It will be possible to understand how the publisher [...]

Google can now exclude individual AdSense ads pages

Google has a number of AdSense policy changes that contribute to the transparency of site owners. You can take measurements on the bottom of the page. In the past, they violate AdSense ads bring the [...]