Paid Search Analytics: What Hidden Treasures in Your Data?

With the creation of paid search analysis it may be simple but columnist Jacob Baadsgaard shows that if you do not effectively use your information, you may lose a lot of opportunities to improve performance. [...]

Step-by-step voice search through PPC

My husband was deceived by my love to cook. In the kitchen did not hit the 22 grand old age, my husband (later my boyfriend) - the old writings business manager - told me to [...]

YouTube Unskippable 30 Second Ad Blocking

YouTube is "unskippable", the ad is 30 seconds of video scrap streaming service in 2018. Google has confirmed plans and said it wants to focus on "the way it works well for both users and [...]

Large Data, Important For Customer Understanding

As a digital marketing agency with 10 years experience, we are still witnessing Hong Kong has the use of digital marketing advertisers. In Hong Kong's annual (Large Data) Internet advertising, HK $ 5.9 billion in [...]

What rules are automatic and how to use them in PPC Advertising

CEO pay per click advertising campaign can take a huge amount of time and resources. PPC Ad Manager is expected to be dozens of boats, if not hundreds, advertising messages, and where ads are triggered, [...]