NEW YORK – PayPal Company Holdings Inc. (PYPL.O) has approved Swift Financial lenders online to expand its operations to provide working capital to traders.

The agreement allows PayPal to lend to large companies that process payments through the platform and give more points to companies that have not yet been serviced, the company said.

PayPal based in San Jose, California, does not disclose terms of agreement that require regulatory approval.

Founded in 2006, Swift Financial, based in Delaware, lends to the company and moves forward.

Paypal short-term loans to smaller merchants

PayPal offers short-term loans to smaller merchants through PayPal’s working capital allocation since 2013. It uses information about payments that have been processed by its merchants to estimate their creditworthiness.

The company has more than $ 3 billion of 115,000 small businesses since the beginning lent to $ 125,000.

The agreement allowed PayPal’s long-term loan of up to $ 500,000 to provide larger marketers and used Swift Financial data resources for a loan company that may not allow users to provide their services.

“This is the area where customers have asked for more,” said Darrell Esch, executive vice president and chief commercial lender at PayPal Global in an interview.

As a partner of eBay Inc. Growing in 2015, PayPal has new partnerships and services purchased to exploit its competitors in the highly competitive digital payment market.

Online loans, which are returned to banks, are back offering loans to small businesses and consumers after the financial crisis of 2007-2009, benefiting from digital technology to lend to lower costs.

Online lenders say they are better off using new types of e-commerce because their business model may be in agreement with traditional financial institutions, such as banks, in the code established in surveillance.

Linda Lightman, leader in the online luxury business group, started 17 years ago at home and with PayPal users who are on loan in June for consideration. The company launched its first large-loan loan product, Swift Financial.

“The bank has a much longer experience. “PayPal is one day, they understand our business initially.