I just finished my visit every year Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese. I think this is a simple metaphor and lasting, meaningful and useful history every time I read it.

“Haw now realized that the change will probably not be surprised, because he had been watching what was always happening, and if he had expected the change.”

This change is the way of everyday life now, faster, more consistent, and happens around us. The changes happen fast and sometimes dramatic and sometimes slow and smooth, but this always happens. Do you feel it, see it and you’re done?

The most important starting point for Who Moved My Cheese is the expected changes, noticing changes in the little things around it, and desire to go with it, rather than ignoring it. It is very easy to lose and stay.

Change means Opportunity

Here are five ways to anticipate change and use the door to opportunity.

More sensitive to what is happening around you

Being attentive and regular customers, directors and other people you trust for comments and suggestions on how procedures, services, improve customer service. Give people new experience online and personally keep them interested and come back?

Expect that the situation will change and see slow signs

“The aroma of cheese often so you know when it comes to age.” More and more difficult to find new customers? Reference is not enough? Is it the client? Losing your existing customers? Is your heart still have it?
Sometimes it’s subtle signs, which are not always easy to see, but the important thing to notice.

Rely on your instincts – do not expect – proactively small changes

In general we know that when things do not go very well, but we choose to ignore it. Instinct is a strong signal and our message and they are usually right. Respect for them to stop and evaluate and act on making small changes that can make a subtle difference.

Be ready and be prepared to edit

Sniff and Scurry, the main characters of this book directly transferred cheese. Hem and Haw decided to wait out and hope they will go back to the cheese (it is not) instead of going to find new cheese. Generally, we do not want to change the situation as we are afraid, but to get the changes will help us cope. “The move towards a new help to find new cheese.”

Look for opportunities to bring change

There is a tremendous opportunity for trends and changes. We can not be too comfortable or on the road in this fast-paced business. The desire to change and adapt is an essential skill. Accept change as an opportunity, not a burden.

Hire a Professional to Help Change

Sometimes you need professional help for us. If you are stuck and struggling with motivation to touch people trust professional help. Working with a business coach or consultant can be very enlightening and inspiring. Be sure to reference firmly.

Haw stopped writing on the wall and asked why he always thought the change would lead to something worse. Now he realized that change could lead to something better.

Each new year brings an enhanced attitude of commitment and action. In order to clarify and simplify, review and update, listen to feedback, look for testimonials.

What changes need to be made?

What changes are you making plans to ensure success?