Execution DTU: Video Levels Distributed with STEEM and IPFS

What is DTube? DTube is a JavaScript directory that works in your browser and allows you to upload and watch videos via IPFS. In addition, you can use STEEM as a database so you can [...]

Wal-Mart can access the audio market through Google Forums

Enter the growing audio-shopping market now dominated by Amazon Inc, battle Wal-Martin online with megastore. Google, which uses Android software to handle most of the world's smartphones, offers hundreds of thousands of Walmart products for [...]

The Amazon adds “Immediate Shot” to the American rocks and pushes the mortar

Gardening, California Amazon Inc sells American pickup points where buyers can withdraw items shortly after ordering, shortening hours in minutes with the latest brick and mortar. The world's largest online retailer launches an instant recall [...]

Amazon chose Australia’s first inventory, a step to launch

Sydney: US retail giant Amazon announces its first location in Australia on Thursday, industrial parks outside Melbourne are a key step towards the launch of the world's 12th largest economy. Amazon Warehouse in Australia Australia [...]

Facebook is preparing to mark the six seconds of video ad

Facebook is partnering with a number of advertisers to create video ads as short as 6 seconds, COO Sheryl Sandberg confirmed about six seconds Facebook ad program. Video noted Sandberg and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as they [...]

Brands and media companies now allowed to create own group on Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg announced that he has given administrators the ability to create own group on facebook, thus offering brands and media companies for potential new ways to increase the commitment of a specific [...]