Twitter study enrollment options for the first time

Twitter Inc. (TWTR.N) is considering building a premium version of the popular Tweetdeck user interface intended for professionals, the company said on Thursday, raising the possibility that it will create a subscription fee for some [...]

Reddit user profiles in the middle of the reform movement

On Tuesday, Reddit's social media network will launch a series of changes designed to encourage the participation of a very popular site to launch a public profile for users. Changes, Facebook and Twitter for users [...]

Facebook and Twitter to try new looks tweet / comment

With SXSW technology to capture the public's attention this week, there was not much information or change of the largest social platform. But in the development of teams never stop literally - there is always [...]

YouTube Premieres TV Subscription, $ 35 A Month For Six Accounts

Every day, people spend almost as much time watching television on YouTube. Now they can watch TV on YouTube. On Tuesday, YouTube debuted cable TV subscription style service, so people can pay for streaming and [...]

Social media content to skip start your marketing strategy

Content marketing and social media seem like they were made from one another. Currently, more than 2 billion social media users worldwide. Quality content is what tick social media. Unfortunately, most brands have a voice [...]

Facebook Ads Will Start In The Middle Of Advertisement To Watch

Facebook will come up with big plans on Facebook for the future. On Thursday, the company announced that publishers will give a commercial break in the middle of a pre-recorded video for the first time. [...]