Gardening, California Amazon Inc sells American pickup points where buyers can withdraw items shortly after ordering, shortening hours in minutes with the latest brick and mortar.

The world’s largest online retailer launches an instant recall point on five college campuses, including the University of California at Berkeley. Amazon plans to add programs for the entire year.

The Amazon Amazon mobile app can choose from every 100 fast-selling products anywhere, snacks and beverages for phone chargers. Amazon employees in the back room, then download the order into the safe within two minutes, and the customer receives the barcode to access it.

An e-commerce company said in June that Whole Foods Market Inc. will buy $ 13.7 billion, realizing that some activities such as buying fresh produce may be a difficult online transfer. Urgent tends to tend to another delay: impulse to buy.

“I want to buy cola, I’m thirsty,” said MacDonald Ripley, director of the Amazon student program. “There is no chance that the site and I have been waiting for a long time, but it takes time.”

I can provide these services here, “he said of the new program.

Shorten delivery time

Amazone’s ability to shorten delivery time is a bad point for bricks and mortar retailers to increase sales, as customers are accustomed to an easy online alternative. Until instant recruitment, Amazon buyers can wait for your order within one hour on Prime Now or within 15 minutes of purchase via AmazonFresh Trimming.

This is a natural extension for larger improvements in supermarkets, “said Morningstar analyst R.J. Hottovy could, with help from Quick Tip, reduce small purchases from consumers among its larger purchases.

Pickup immediately brought the Amazons to compete with automatons. However, it is not possible for people to sell snack machines to threaten offices and schools.

This may work for some electronic devices, which are often not available in automatons, “said analyst Forster Ananda Chakravarty. Two minutes too long to wait for a soda. ”

Starting in 2015, Amazon opened on the same day 22 US stores. The Immediate Program depends on the same facilities in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Columbus, Ohio and College Park, Maryland