Take the time to think about website traffic, impact and perception of leadership and instructions: Marketing in 2014 and how easy it is to have 500 words Article that can be driving the performance of your business. Fast forward to today, like a lot of artificial intelligence and virtual reality sharing circulating, new content has become more and more attention for marketing, method and shine in technology.

I have not come to say that this development is not effective or part of the marketing strategy. But they will also wonder if the content does not seem completely useless.

Again – – and the public needs to provide company with the development of content marketing and how they determine the content of their business. Here are three companies that we found better:

1. Yoola

One of the best ways to restore content that came up with the method of reusing and increasing existing parts. Content creation, especially when creating video content, has a lot of resources. Instead of rediscovering the wheel, find a way to solve it more difficult.

Yoola, the digital media company to do it through its position and distribution. In other words, with Yoola, you can reuse some of the best in the world of YouTube content pieces of content creators available to meet the new market and expand your product range.

Many Chinese influences have also been difficult to implement because, for example, Yoola and YouTube are the most lifehacks in the “Slivki Show”, the widespread Chinese and German marketplace, where content and content are constantly playing with guiding-and-dancing westerners and decision makers.

The most popular social network appears to feed China Weibo (latest version of Chinese government censorship), followed by content translation, localization, promotion, content “Slivki Show” on other local platforms. This provides access to “Slivki Show” one of the world’s largest public institutions, simply by encouraging and supporting the existing content of the new bazaar.

2. Dose

To create enterprise content and social sharing, but do not seem to be included in the kitten. What happened? Well, to get the audience to participate in the content, they need a few extraordinary stocks in their company accounts. This requires testing and understanding that it really makes the process of shareable content and science – #hovering out of #hashtags.

Is one of the fastest-growing digital editors in the world who have over 50 million unique visitors per month to help create a story of value using brands’ estimates, and more than 25 million social views, technology-driven data.

In addition, new SEO, social media, Dose content is vital to understanding the public behind the viral breakdown, making it public and sharing content. Emerson Spartz, founder of the dose, said: “Old School” is required for prayer and “create and optimize” approach to send only content-based data “..”

3. Square composition

Despite suddenly appearing advertisements and bombarding your brand, there is no noise, commotion and good content on there to sell something that does not exist very much. When content is to reach people, how can I change it?

Classical analysis is not always enough to know how and why people do what they do. As Unilever, Lacoste, Best Western and Lash – to serve as a global, global brand of content, user experience, analysis and optimization platform to define the behavioral information about the target audience and users of the site to improve the conversion.

According to artificial intelligence, the content is created and what changes are needed in the beginning to help the brand see automatic increase in conversion from three spots leading to a continuous increase in sales.

“A lot of ecommerce brands do not understand how to remove the buyer or KPI from the middle of what is a real difference,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and founder of the square. “You have to do it in order to understand and adjust its content properly.”

Though the content is still king, it is not our decision. Business growth and includes a number of science and creativity, and the successful content of marketing strategy to benefit companies well.