Columnist Marcus Miller to share how his agile business structure, Scrum for project management and SEO company marketing has turned into a better customer result.

SEO and digital marketing is very complex, and the digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving. New platform. The new participants. New world marketing has evolved, but the process of managing and adapting to change is not changing.

There is much to learn from creating and developing software in the world. The new project management strategy has been developed that have areas revolved. We hear very little of this approach in the marketing world, even if they are landscape of SEO and ever-changing digital marketing.

The core of this approach has a burning desire to control and modify, eliminate wastage and continuous improvement. This is in conjunction with a flexible approach, which will lead to an increase in speed, lower costs and better results.

This article discusses Scrum, the project management strategy we use for my clients’ business projects to manage internal and improved processes. Let me explain what Scrum and details how we have to take this framework (usually used for software development) and digital marketing and SEO projects use.

Scrum: Continuous Improvement

Scrum is a lightweight management approach, which helps to develop small complex software stand out. Scrum is usually used in software development, but it can be a home renovation manage your marketing campaign.

Scrum team usually consists of a set of short works, called “acceleration” cooperation. The sprint between more time for evaluation and reflection, where the target drive to eliminate the waste of time and effort in achieving continuous improvement.


Scrum team only has three different roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster and team members. All three rollers work together to achieve the stated objectives of the project.

Product Owner / Project Owner

The product owner is the vision and goals of the overall project. They lead the project, focusing on the most important work. That is, the product owner to prioritize tasks that bring results. Typically, the product owner takes the needs of the customers and add them to the to-do list (also known as “excellent” Scrum).

In the quality of marketing, referring to the owner of the product and the owner of the project.


ScrumMaster (cool name) is there to keep things moving as fast as possible and without the team members hurdle to get the job done. Delivery, the team is always the project and its objectives, but the focus ScrumMaster in the production of effective team.

ScrumMaster helps team members understand how Scrum works and how agile the approach is appropriate for the project. ScrumMaster should always be removing obstacles for the team.

ScrumMaster is not the boss (if the ScrumMaster title has you excited and ready for this power!). ScrumMaster is what someone more knowledgeable and experienced, who helps others to operate as efficiently as possible. Yoda design!

Team members

The backbone of any agile team is, of course, team members. These groups should have complete control over how to do the job. Of course, the project owner and ScrumMaster can help and priorities, but the team is focused on the actual implementation work.

To be successful agile team, the team is made up of members who have all the skills needed to get the job done. Digital marketing capabilities, which usually means SEO, PPC, Social Issues and content analysis and conversion optimization capabilities played to good measure.

While a team is the experience, they must work together towards the goals or goals of the project. This means that even if most people play their strengths, there are times when they chip and help as much as possible as fast as possible to move together.

The most important thing to take out is that it should focus on getting the job done and doing my job – and producing results, not only to get the job done.

Project Owner and Scrum Master

When a buckler (private companies), the owner of the project and ScrumMaster normally Dezel

Agile tool

The team used a number of tools to make it visible to all team members, and to expedite the decision.

Project in arrears

Backlog is a list of all work projects. Ideally, this is a clear delivery or fixed lens. We want to link the actual objectives of customers (more business), highlighted the details to keep the days of SEO tasks.

The project owner will give priority tasks. That is, the history of the Board of Directors will take precedence. This is a high priority task should be enough so that they can be collected and handled by members of a small team. Duties according to the government could not yet fully developed, and possibly greater – just remember that when they move up the list, they should be defined more clearly.

All project tasks require the following information:

  • Business goals
  • What should be done
  • Working time unit
  • Acceptance criteria

Sprint backlog

Work is divided into short sprints are often called. Sprint is days, weeks or months, but usually no more. In order for the agency, which is the focus of some customers, Sprint may be relatively short. For example, Sprint can make five days a month for customers.

The task of the project was transferred to the owner of the backlog Sprint project backlog project. Team members can then decide how best to handle work in the current sprint.

Burn chart

Burn the map is a visual tool to show the relationship between time and space. When you have a project that consists of five five-day sprint, it can work 200 hours (or drive). Burn Down graph shows how the time, task is done. This can be a powerful motivation tool and a project owner and view the ScrumMaster and enter.

Burn chart works well for larger projects, which should be done over a longer period, but they can help see the progress of the team. At the end of each day, work units shown in completed tasks graph Burndown. It should not be used to touch itself, but estimated based on hours of service time.

Burn Down graph and provide visual feedback when teams are on track and help them help if they do not. This will help pull the team together when they are not at the destination of the track and stations when things go well.

Visual work board

An important aspect of agile project management is describing the task. In this way, all team members can easily see and see the work that has been or is currently required. Project tasks during the work cycle (sprint) has been transferred to the order book for the work of the team council members.

The simplest disk has three pillars:

  • Do
  • Do
  • Ready

The jobs are simply changed as a whole because they (usually used for notes). Team members can see what everyone is doing, communicate and help each other. And project owners to quickly and easily make progress of the team.

Sprint cycle

Job offers for short call acceleration. Sprint length may vary, and that is where the use of the marketing agency for many customers is different from most of the use of this software development team (or a marketing team with a flat object).

Finally, you sprint or cycle is for a fixed period, where you can take care of the small size of the project. This will be the person who works one day a week or a solid team month. At the most important restaurant is that we try to analyze and adapt our working methods and learning practices.

Sprint is usually composed of:

  • Sprint Planning – What to Do
  • Daily meetings (or Scrum) – more than 15 minutes
  • Sprint evaluation – show results
  • Retrospective – to identify some strategic changes that can improve your bottom line

Let’s look at these individually as they contribute to the overall process.

Sprint planning

When the project is delayed task priority, it is fairly easy. The project owner must ensure that the tasks finish working, and lead the team. ScrumMaster team and support with questions or concerns.

You have two questions to answer here:

  • What are we doing in this Sprint?
  • How to do it?

What are we doing in this Sprint?
How to do it?

Scale is important here – if this is a whip day, then spend 10 minutes plann

Daily meetings (or Scrum)

The Daily Meeting, or an important part of the process. The idea is that this is a short (15 minutes maximum) should be, and often had the meeting is to ensure brevity.

The main purpose here is for each team member to detail what they have done, what they do, and any problems or delays they faced. The problem is not resolved in this meeting, but team members can not leave this problem and can not promise another team member to help them solve this problem.

This will encourage the flow of communication and distribution of information, and allows the suspension to be removed quickly.

Check and adjust – inspection meeting, to adapt after the meeting.

In an office environment with some clients, this often means that we are looking for problems in the process and are constantly striving to optimize processes and improve various marketing activities are based.

Sprint review

This is where the benefits are detailed and linked to the objectives. The agency if we use it is often the basis for our business clients reporting: what we have done, how it will help us in our goals and what we will do next to carry out the next task.


A retrospective was held at the end of each sprint meeting. When a top hat, this is something we do at the end of each month. Here, we are really looking to inspect and adapt our own processes, SEO, PPC, social marketing and content.

  • What did you learn this week?
  • Is it the problem we have had this month?
  • How can we improve?

This is not intended to produce a long long list of tasks. Rather, the idea is to identify one or two small improvements in the strategic process. Often this takes the form of some things every tactic.

Inspection and adjustment. Continuous improvement. This is the key to doing a better job for our customers, and getting better results. This is also the key to floating and staying on top of new opportunities in the digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly.

How does this all work together

Magic here is when all those little pieces together. Scrum daily continue to help the team review, edit and share information. This eliminates delays and creates a happier team. A retrospective will help highlight the strategic improvements can be made in the coming months.

For this practice in client projects

When a top hat, we have a customer base with a great variety. We have companies that use us to channel some local SEO tactics, and we have clients that bring us the confidence we need to offer SEO, PPC, social marketing and content. This means that clients can have a staff member to keep their job, or the larger the group members.

Using the classic Agile approach is a bit tricky here and there are some changes needed in the basic model. We use agile thinking to check in here and improve the Agile Marketing approach: Check and adjust, to make strategic changes. There is always room for improvement, so we try.

Here is an overview of how we tend to put this into practice for our customers:

Project in arrears

If you want to know what to do, we need to find backlog project. This is usually done strategy and regular inspections. Example SEO project, we tend to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit and make a list of tasks. We also provide basic information on the digital marketing plan, which will also detail the various actions.

The project owner has the priority tasks of the project backlog.

Sprint planning

Working in conjunction with the sprint customer cycle, we have the highest order priority project assignment portfolio and add them to the Sprint plan in the next period.

Work board

We have a two-sided approach to this:

We create digital signage for each project using Asana. (Historically, we use Trello – both are free) so you can comment and maintain communication and information about the digital project. All followers of institutions that receive notification when updates and all data are stored in a central location of the email.

We also legitimate board with notes internal processes and larger projects. It can be added to Asana and notes, but the government is doing physical work and progress can be seen.

Ideally, I would like to combine the two and create a visual display panel used projector, but to focus all the changes in one place – the two worlds.

Do the job

The staff members do the work. No matter how efficient we are, the work is done.

Daily Meeting (15 minutes)

We have a lot of people every day with all the information they did yesterday, what they are doing today, and there are no problems, experiences, improvements and so on. When a member of the group exudes a problem to manage the other members (or ScrumMaster) to help the staff each day after the meeting. When team members to overcome the problem is the fact that the information distributed quickly. This will ensure the flow of information, strong team useful and satisfied.

Sprint Review (report)

Sprint studies form the basis for our report. Individuals or groups to see what has been done, what the results are and what you need to do. We can also see that metrics / KPI, we see forward movement after the work is completed.


We had a retrospective at the end of the meeting. Usually we are looking to complete the work, successes, problems, and what we can do to improve on all channels of tactics and sub-tasks for each channel. What are you working on link building? What works for local SEO? What works for paid search? What works in social advertising?

Our hindsight, discussing every customer as a team and seeing the details of the whip. Then by all the internal processes of each marketing activity.

Here we try to identify time and opportunities to improve our processes and our customers wasted, so we have the result that we can improve our customers. At least we do not want to repeat the mistakes of times or more in the rabbit hole, where we see no results.

Check and adjust

Learning to manage and adapt is essential. Either the overall strategy that does not work or a special approach for a particular customer is not simply to produce the goods, that valuation will change. What works well for one customer may fall face down on the floor to the other.

Creating a check “to adapt to the culture and improve the work you do for customers, to help punctual problems or loss of time / effort for faster and make sure that you always do the best job.

We continue to adjust our approach. Plates of work Asana. Digital signals and can be viewed by all projector-based. Combining the proprietary Project Master and Scrum functions. We are always moving and making changes. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they do not. Inspection and adjustment.

We work in marketing in an environment where change can be rapid and slow can be left behind. Conditions for all marketing to ensure that you are qualified enough to recognize opportunities and react to develop a strategic advantage.

Waste question

The old 80/20 rule is the key here. Twenty percent of companies create 80 percent of the value. This also means that 80 percent of the time is often wasted, or it can definitely be more productive. Attempts to identify the weakest areas of our approach, as well as the people who actually produce them, can focus more time and produce better results.

What worked this month? What does not work? What are you really worried about? Can time be better spent? Individually we often do not know the answers because we are working and see the results – but the control surface so we can make strategic improvements.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is the key. Twelve months to small iterative changes to internal processes leads to better results for your customers. Sharing and resolution to ensure continuous improvement of your team members. Team members to reduce problems that seem insurmountable to create happier team. The problems of customers resolved qualified staff and work hard to keep customers satisfied.

SEO is a black box. Digital marketing is really difficult. For example, a large number of moving parts. Check and adjust to eliminate waste, focus on what is working, and always strive to improve.

This process helps my office to do a better job than ever before and to maintain some sanity to the madness, our multi-channel, ever-changing, digital marketing network.

The possibility that the agile approach can help improve the marketing of your projects, whether you are an agency or home-based marketers. And of course, when approaching a champion, you can call yourself “Scrum Master” – which is always a great win.

I want to hear these agile practices to improve your marketing. Hit me up on Twitter, LinkedIn or through the contact contact form, and we’ll see if we can not control, tweak and improve your SEO and digital marketing business in 2017.