YouTube is “unskippable”, the ad is 30 seconds of video scrap streaming service in 2018.

Google has confirmed plans and said it wants to focus on “the way it works well for both users and advertisers.”

Ad unskippable long will be difficult for many in the audience, and Google is a shorter form.

Media agency said the move reflects the difference between online video and linear television.

“The 30-second ads are a setback for TV Times,” Will said Smyth, director of the Agenda 21 press office.

“It’s a standard TV unit placed online, but it’s not the most effective way to advertise.

“This will encourage advertisers to be more creative in the way they use the platform to be.”

Many websites provided unskippable ads of 30 seconds in video content.

“Demand for advertisers for video content is high, but there is a lack of high-quality content,” Smyth said.

Advertisers are not charged

“It’s a good thing for everyone to focus on” skippables. “- People are not required to sit with ads and advertisers are not charged when your ad is overprinted”