If you are thinking of lines of 80 proof characters were offered in the ad text grown more space to get the message through, we see twice the number of characters.

Valerio Celletti realized the opportunity earlier this week to add a second line of ad text grown in the AdWords account information from the United States web interface. Additional options online also 80 characters.

At this time, there is no use of the information appearing next to the additional lighting line interface (optional).

Celletti said second line of description began to test ads last two days. So far, more ad CTR is slightly lower than the average text of the ad grown Celletti said, but it will continue to be tested.

When asked about this test, a Google spokesman said Search Engine Land, that only “Google is testing a new continuously improve products and features for users and advertisers.”

Higher click-through rates

Since its introduction last year, the EEA promise have higher click-through rates. Several studies have shown conflicting results on this front. We have to wait and see to what extent this is a test to get more features to add text. He came to pick up CTR.