As a digital marketing agency with 10 years experience, we are still witnessing Hong Kong has the use of digital marketing advertisers. In Hong Kong’s annual (Large Data) Internet advertising, HK $ 5.9 billion in 2016, HK $ 1.5 billion in 2011, an increase of 293% over the past five years. Interaction with customers has also expanded over the years. A previous training and attract advertisers to place advertisements on the internet to promote new proactive promise advertisers on the internet because we will continue to send them the latest trend for customers to help them compete with the market.

Such a screen, a soft approach to social media advertising and content reject advertising, such as sales, trailer strategy for search engine marketing Added 2016 Total internet spending (SEM) 56% (HK $ 3300000000) social media and KOL all the points global digital marketing landscape.

Alignment and adjustment targets

In the first days of digital advertising, advertisers use an effective number of ad campaign clicks based on checks and on-the-go. Advertisers are now concentrating on advertising the public interest, which leads to better cost-effectiveness in advertising dollars, and today big data is important. To answer market needs, we are seeking to improve digital advertisements by advertisers and target them demographically Behavioral their geographics run the exact dates and times that are equipped with the latest technology and the use of information, detection and web analytics tools to help reach the target device … Data The key words for data archiving related to the sites built in history are the local office, collecting valuable market information for advertisers throughout the year and in different branches daily.

With so much information “bombarded” by advertisers, it is important to develop a marketing campaign goals that they accept what kind of digital marketing channels. This goal is to better evaluate the measures and produce optimized net targets, planning and producing advertising campaigns, set leads, online sales, website visits, phone calls, downloads, customer reputation and repetition, and others,

The new digital media has no boundaries. The new iMedia mutually beneficial cooperation plans to build and maintain a reliable digital marketing partner for our customers. Implementing different concepts and working side-by-side with our customers to achieve their business goals is a one-stop digital marketing solution for our customers, driving experience, creativity and technical expertise,