With the creation of paid search analysis it may be simple but columnist Jacob Baadsgaard shows that if you do not effectively use your information, you may lose a lot of opportunities to improve performance.

On the surface, paid search analysis seems pretty straightforward. You just leave a piece of code on the page and move on, right?

Unfortunately, while reviewing paid search is fairly simple, use that information in a way that can be very difficult business benefits. Many people do not get into marketing because they think, Gee, I sure love math!

However, in creating and evaluating data analysis may not be the sexiest part of marketing, if you do not take the time to understand paid search analysis, you may miss out on a great opportunity for the paid search account.

To illustrate by looking at some case studies.

Recognition problems

A few months ago, we started working with a new client. He spent about $ 50,000 on AdWords about about seven months, and they represent seems to be in good shape. Things work reasonably well, but hopefully we can help them get things a notch.

In addition, the search results are paid, these clients have also hired an SEO agency and have invested quite a bit of driving organic traffic to their website. It seems to work well, too, so it seemed like everything went well.

Well, appearances can deceive.

Although they are technically “follow-up” to Google Analytics, they do not keep an eye on how GA connected them with search results and do not think much lead will be paid associated with organic traffic. In addition, the call does not follow – one of the main sources of lead.

As a result, they were initially quite difficult to optimize the campaign. We need to take a strategic move your AdWords accounts and would do … lead to organic.

It’s a problem.

The longer we worked on the bill, we were more disappointed. Something is not right. Finally, in the belief that we are, we will put the customer call tracking unit and take a hard look at your Google Analytics setup. When we see what the situation was, it did not take him long to figure out the problem and get the matter resolved.

So things are starting to get interesting.

Before confirming the follow-up, we paid search campaign, an average of about 28 lengthy instructions. This means that the price of lead is about $ 286:

Paid Search

After resolving the task, the same campaign leads to $ 73 for cable 129:

Paid Search Analytics

But now, because of the fact that we call this monitoring some of the increase. However, the combination is considered improper and the distribution comes to mean that the amount of rainfall in the client has the memory to carry out the paid search performance.

And now we can see that you can start optimizing your AdWords account, in fact we generate keywords, ads and results, to do better things now.

In less than five months, the number of conversions doubled to about 20 percent to reduce the price advantage.

But consider what happens if we do not invest time in customer characteristics to pursue this analysis. No No matter what we do, we may not be able to achieve good results, and SEO should be an increasingly fruitful research.

In a few months, after a few months, customers can give AdWords to generate more benefits of organic traffic to find out the total lost SEO advantage! However, if you have time to evaluate and analyze, refine your specifications, we can use this information to determine the exact reason for your benefit and to make good decisions on your AdWords account.

False ad costs

A few years ago, potential customers made an audit. Unlike the previous example, the client is a good analytics provider for this company – they are not only used effectively.

When I come to try, there is a bit of frustration. The campaign drove sales of value, but it can not be like a campaign for better results than just zero.

In fact, months before they approached us, they are trying to solve this problem by increasing their 30 percent budget. Pity that if you do not earn money selling it, if you have 100 sales or 130 sales – you can still make money!

Confession: The situation does not make much sense to me. Within 90 days, the ad has received nearly 100,000 hits and they have a conversion rate of 17:44 percent. For many companies, this would be a great victory!

“How many of these are the sales of energy conversion: I was asked a million dollar question

As it turns out, only one percent of the tellers are still paying customers.

Invention, what is clear about this problem. They had to pay for traffic and an incorrect change. It was dug deeper and paid more than 40 percent of its budget for converting clicks and conversions into sales.

In other words, by setting up a relatively easy way to navigate your unnecessary expenses and reduce your cost by selling 40 percent while boosting your sales by 24 percent! They were forced to use only the transformation of the data they were given.

Growth opportunities

In the early stages of my career, I have an AdWords client working in a highly competitive industry. In fact, in the early years when I worked with them, cost per click, cost per conversion and cost per sale doubled.

And, it can not be anywhere!

Now the customer is a great sales team and a very good margin, so my campaign is profitable but look at my cost per sale inch your way up to the monthly driving me crazy. I do not like to lose, and I did not like the problem “solved”, so I began to scroll through the analysis of information my client is looking for a clever way to turn the tide.

As I hunted through the selection of information, I found something extraordinary. Click and conversion are the search terms that have to do with our main offer. Terms showed a great need in the market for customer service I easily.

More importantly, no one else in the field competed in keyword changes, meaning that the cost per conversion was 67 percent.

I talk to clients and explain I just found a gold mine. He decided to create a new offer in every chance, and I built to meet the unmet needs of this.

Within days, the cost per conversion fell across the floor:

We had such a low cost, high quality leads that the question was changed to “How to increase the cost per lead?” “How can we hire enough sales opportunities in all these areas?”

These customers, and also through Analytics further reveals that possible 250 employees of 25 employees of the company acquired. They make millions in profits and received several rounds of VC financing for.


Paid search analysis in the preparation can be easy if you do not effectively use it, you can not miss a good opportunity to improve the performance of your paid search account.

It may not be the most interesting part of the paid paid search account, but it can certainly be one of the most cost-effective uses of time. In each of these case studies, take the time to view your Google Analytics data released potential large paid customer account unrealized search.

The only question is, what treasures in your paid search paid account?