If you are a business owner and are faced with the question of what online marketing strategy (pay per click) is best for you, if more of a strategy you need to follow in relation to the need for a strategy that is used to manage, And what you will be successful in marketing efforts to show, read on to get some information on some of the online marketing strategies: pay per click and SEO, and that will be right for you.

In connection with this strategy, it is also important to know that these two strategies one thing in common: both are ways to get traffic to your site. Both of these techniques can be used independently of each other, and it is also true that the two can be used simultaneously. It has more advantages.

SEO and Pay Per Click: Differences

The basic idea of ​​how the two strategies heralded by the functions of their names. Although pay per click (PPC) as a business owner you need to either engines or another ad publisher based on the number of clicks you receive look for, and worth the traffic is channeled to pay for the website. However, in the case of SEO, you take the design elements of your website, then the ranking of web pages to improve the organic search listing of popular keywords. The best part is that it allows free traffic to your website. However, to ensure that funds are included in the SEO elements if your website is built. The following sections briefly outline the advantages and disadvantages of both online marketing strategy.

PPC Campaign

Here are some pros and cons of pay per click (PPC) for your online marketing strategy.

  • PPC campaigns exposure online quickly and therefore can bring results faster, perhaps a few hours.
  • They are easier to manage.
  • PPC allows a detailed analysis of entrepreneurs point of view, the number of times an ad is displayed, a few clicks, conversion examples that advertising is the most popular, where ads will be displayed, and other measured results.
  • Entrepreneurs can also decide phase in which ads will be displayed and start or stop campaigning towards aspirations. This allows more control of the entrepreneur.
  • Another way to help your PPC campaign is to study how changes in designing the architectural impact on the course website.
  • PPC campaigns are best suited for your seasonal ad, which featured a short period of time, and who can not wait long enough to fix the directory position.


PPC campaigns last only as long as the company pays for them. When a business owner fails to pay money, they disappear from the search engine lists, and another content network.
It has been found that PPC campaigns are often expensive for two reasons: as a special product is very competitive, the budget tends to be high. A lot of money was spent on PPC campaigns when the product is to advertise a strong competition from major brand entrepreneurs.
Observations have shown that even PPC campaigns to generate only about 10% of the target click segment in these ads, organic listings generate almost 90% of traffic.

Search engine optimization

Here are some pros and cons of online SEO marketing strategy.


  • SEO generated traffic is more than the result of a PPC campaign. The traffic is highl; Y Increase your site appear at the top few lines of your search results.
  • When your site will increase the ranking of search results, there is need to pay extra extra traffic.
  • When your website traffic will stabilize around making the time, you can enjoy high traffic without any payment. It’s free. You can stop applying SEO techniques and link building.
  • Link building and SEO is done the right way will increase the power and credibility of the author’s website.
  • The quality of your website will always be better than other brands, which are inferior to this website, however, that the brand can. The best part is that this can be done without a lot of money.


It is understood that the implementation of design techniques and SEO link building to get a lot of time. The results are not immediate. It takes about 6-8 months to achieve high rankings in search results. Other factors include the quality of the website and the competition with the products being advertised as a niche there.
Organic results can be very unpredictable and as a result, there is no guarantee on the list, the site could stand alone.
There may be circumstances where all site architecture must be modified if the site does not create a user optimization.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, or you can choose the online SEO or PPC marketing strategy depends on the nature and purpose of the campaign. If you are looking for a quick pay per click (PPC) exposure could be the answer. SEO requires a long-term investment, and results are not so easily seen. The best solution is for businesses to use the pay per click (PPC) campaign tool so these openings can not be filled through SEO fill. Example PPC can display ads on the content network, conduct a keyword relevance study in the campaign, for test site projects to come, etc.

As a business owner, online marketing strategy, which depends on the nature of your business and how you can promote your product to customers to choose their own ranks