The IOC banned Russia for 2018 Winter Olympics

IOC banned Russia

Russian athletes are invited to join the Winter Olympics in 2018, but their music will not be their part, and the medals that will win will not be a medal for Russia, the International Olympic Committee said on Tuesday. The punishment is the highlight of the three-year survey on state-sponsored …

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Hidden Dangers Seek Chinese Banks to Fight Fraud

Chinese Banks

SHANGHAI / Hong Kong / BEIJING – Zhu Lei Chenxia offered three deals at the beginning of last year to buy a full Yarong market, Shenzhen Nanshan district, China Southern Metropolis, two women to meet many. It’s just a real one. According to a report sent to the Shenzhen court, …

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The Senate agrees with Trump’s big tax cuts.

senate tax bill

WASHINGTON – The US Senate has only approved tax reforms. Republicans and President Donald Trump are one step closer to reducing taxes on institutional and wealthy taxes and enabling everyone to change America. The greatest change in the funding of the $ 1400 trillion dollars over the decades of the …

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