I remember that Google Ranking in 2013 is a list of Brian Dean’s surprise factors 200. My first thought was, “Wow! Think inside work and research!” Next: “It’s easy!” And finally, “Oh my god, there is not enough hours for everyone.”

Luckily, not all evaluation factors have the same value – you can maximize your SEO efforts by focusing on some ranking factors. Of course, Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and we rely on the latest research on Searchmetrics, Rear Linko and my friends SEO PowerSuite rankings do not rely on the ranking of factors today to enter the four multipliers in 2017.

Your site keep reading to learn important signal stream optimize


Content is one of the factors in the most important Google rankings Andrey Lipattsev, Senior Strategist for Quality Research, Google said. This is not a new thing – in the natural history, but in recent years, we are moving to more relevant keywords in the content targeted content you see written – content is an important factor in the order in which it is tedious. We are looking forward to opening 2017 den.

In fact, as early as the Searchmetrics study, the 20 questions you found above on the H1 keyword are only 53% lower than the file title tag on the keyword and a reduction of 40%. This number clearly shows that “Google reviews content and relevance, including a certain keyword.” Year is decreasing

So what does “related” look like? The short answer is expanded.

For best results, consider Google “Golden Retriever”:


DOGtime Golden Retriever articles have touched almost 3500 words and all features are race, history, personality, health and rescue teams. The site also has a number of images, graphics and embedded videos – you have everything you want to know about Golden Retriever on a page

It supports Linko Backlinks: Semantic Search is here to stay. The Hummingbird and Rank Brain is an easy-to-read detailed review of the language as the keyword density implies a strong semantic meaning role and optimization, meaning that you always understand that bullshit can not be read unreadable.

Back Linko also notes that the concentration that helps to take into account the more detailed context is probably longer than the summary content. He said that Searchmetrics found that mobile content is usually only increased by 2/3 of the desktop and mobile usage time.


The content influences factors such as bounce rates and CTR in some other order. For a thorough review of flamenco dancing you can not do much for auto repair business – so for good results, make sure your content is comprehensive and relevant.

I invite you to use content scanning software:

  • Finding and fixing thin content.
  • The most topics of each page in more detail are sources.
  • Increase power while in the niche.

2. Backlinks

Backlink is a key factor in Google rankings, but Google also learned over the years to avoid bad links. More links but they only come from a few different and authoritative areas, leading to high scores.

After a founding campaign key of strong link in 2017, people will contribute content absolutely, people create the content you want. If you read other posts and links to the content, Google will match the most important content to read backlink anchor text and match.

When it deserves a lot of high quality back in the content, it has three main signal positions: back, link and diversity binding power

Please note that one of the main tasks of social cues is to get more quality backlinks. Searchmetrics have found that placement and social signals correlated across all social media channels – even though Facebook still holds the highest concentration of user interaction.

How to optimize:

There are many different ways to approach link building, but all of them basically is content marketing. Step one: Create high quality content. Step two: to promote.

If you are not sure where to start, I recommend reading this article in the Anna Crowe 2016 link building strategy that is more important. If you are having difficulty coming up with original content, consider link building techniques to skyscrapers: Find someone to a lot of relevant backlinks content to increase your article content more detailed, and then distribute content.

I also recommend using link audit to get a better idea of ​​the profile link. With this software, you can:

  • Keep track of how many links the content and quality of those links.
  • Extend the high quality partners hand to call back.
  • To eliminate spam and low quality; They deny, if you can not leave.

3. The First Mobile User Experience

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen in 2016 is the transition to Google’s mobile tracking first. This means that Google’s index index is now primarily a mobile version of your site, as opposed to the desktop version.

Mobile optimization is a very important factor in ranking. All the most significant area to 100 of mobile solutions by Searchmetrics.

By 2017, it’s more important than ever that content is responsible for all mobile platforms and desktop-like content. Mobile devices are the norm, and 85% of all sites now meet the criteria for mobile-friendly enhancement, it’s time to improve the site more – think mobile first, unless the mobile-friendly.

A word of caution: According to Google, if you are building a mobile version of your site, do not start until it is completed. Liberalization can stop damage to the position more than help the mobile version of the broken or damaged from this site; It’s best to keep your site anywhere from the desktop to the mobile version ready

Download speed is another important factor connects to a strong position in a good user experience. Desktop site needs to download 3 seconds or less while the mobile site in two seconds or less download (According to Searchmetrics, mobile site top-notch about a second faster than the desktop companion).

How to optimize:

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools to add and verify the mobile version of the site.
  • Using the structured data testing tool to make sure that the same markup structure exists, as well as from the desktop, mobile sites.
  • Make sure the txt test tool for your mobile site with Googlebot.
  • The speed test page using Speed ​​Page Insights. If your site is slow, use the audit tools for uncompressed content, error pages, and other elements to find the location and resolve the delay.

4. Other Technical Factors

There are many technical factors that can play a vital role in ranking the site. These factors are:

Cryptography: Back Linko still find a strong correlation and page HTTPS Google ranking on the first page, and Searchmetrics has confirmed that 45% of all sites use HTTPS encryption (up to 12% in 2015). Google confirmed in 2014 that sites with strong HTTPS encryption better than their investment HTTP counterparts, and as of 2017, there are sites that do not migrate to HTTPS is now marked as dangerous in Google Chrome.

H1 and H2 Item: There is more H1 and H2 landing page in this year’s source code. Searchmetrics found a strong correlation between the use of at least one of H 2 and higher.

Anchor text: Exact anchor starting text has a strong effect on the position, but you run the risk of penguin well if the link appears unusual or spam. Make sure the main text backlinks are diverse and biology.

technical factors

The interim ads according to Google’s focus on the first mobile optimization since October 2017, they have acted against pop-up disturbing interstitial. This means that your ad for each site or CTA which includes the main menu or whisk to click to a new page may suffer punishment. The exception is in dialog, small banner easy to distinguish and legal interstitials (eg, age).

How to optimize:

  • Switch to HTTPS encryption.
  • Take advantage of the H2 end, especially if the major URLs are not in your niche.
  • Make sure the anchor text is varied and semantically related.
  • Remove intrusive advertising intermediary your mobile site.


SEO is an ever-changing industry. We have seen in recent years, Google has been the constant pressure rich content link and a complete mobile experience. Another factor is the absolutely important position and role in the rankings, but if you prioritize to improve the elements of the website in relation to these factors, you will get ahead of the competition.