Based on what I see in my clients a diverse set and talk to other people in this field, I predict 2017 will aim to pay annual fines. One reason is quite extraordinary: the quality of online media air was partially driven by “fake news”, “Methbot” and advertisers understand that they would not be associated with their ads on sites do not want to invest in advertising and its content and in some Cases, ethical concerns related to the publisher’s support.

So let’s look a bit more at this escape for quality. I number of advertisers who are concerned that adherence to, or intended to support, fake news sites to buy them speak with exposure in the media. To some extent, the explosion of false news of low quality not only advertising, but the size of the digital budget.

At the same time, Facebook has undermined the idea of ​​data accuracy in a report. This can be a cooling effect on the growth of spending on Facebook. (Although the reaction is more directly to more depending on the position of their responses and post-click data because they are suspect of FB information interface. Advertisers Brands may be more sensitive to measurement issues and reject the third or perhaps MRC certification / Therefore, I believe that the delay in the growth of Facebook advertising may be temporary).

It’s good news for paid search – because if we think about trusted sites and publishers, in which context the page does not reflect bad advertisers, there is nothing better than SEM. I’m not talking to them proactively improving SEM budget, although the operative view cut (taking poor quality and fake news sites).

So even if SEM and SEO has been around for a long time, and, at this stage, it is difficult to believe that the wave of interest in SEM and SEO, I think air quality is just one of many factors, which aims Renew interest in marketing research in 2017 and beyond.

Let’s look at the acceleration factor of the additional rate I identified

1. Better screening and bone people. Despite the fact that Google is fighting the challenges, especially the part about Google search traffic Lion Display Network that Google sells advertising is Google itself. This will give Google more power to identify bots and other suspicious search operations. Recently, digital video playback and industry, White Ops discovered by bot farm fool Federation billion advertisers.

2.Mobile Search will continue to expand national and international level increased. More growth can be user satisfaction with voting results (showing in SERP). At one point, Google is likely to be spread a report that users voice search audio ads and connection to the phone connection can choose / click-to-call functionality.

3. Simple merchants finally reached the revived mobile-friendly website and they are willing to pay. Of course, these adjustments go to AMP / responsive, and can also be implemented in a short time. But there are thousands of websites that are only recently adaptable and responsive, and marketers can not ignore the mobile page.

4. Increased use of ad formats to get involved. PLA marketer advertising is just beginning, and the ability to adapt to the growing extent of PLA. The availability of local stock to stimulate investment in PLA, and I really hope some of the new ad block of Google ads coming eight months. But it is a game, and the prediction is based solely on past behavior and the landscape has changed.

5. Search shut down and marketing funnel (if you still believe the chimney). Although the classic marketing funnel trail, of course not all is the “ready to buy” mode – even if they get involved in search behavior, which is a barometer of the goal. Each keyword has its own indicators of success, easily visible – such as the halo effect of the whole campaign – as people who do not buy or do it for you based on your main marketing goals.

6. The best redistribution in digital marketing channels. Search is a great way to build an audience and that audience when directed presents a high-end conversion statistic in almost every case. Thus, again targeted click on the increase of the original search warrant more in search and redirection.

There may be other factors that have occurred to me after the publication of this article, please share your thoughts on other factors (or called), the biggest impact will be on social media.

The idea is that the beneficiary of all the bad news from the rest of the digital advertising industry? I think so. What do you think?