You may have heard of link building but you may not know what it really is and how to do it effectively. Sure, you can hire a digital marketing agency, but if you do not know the pros and cons, you can not produce success. You need proper SEO strategies to bear positive results.

What if they use PBN?

What if they have a bad calling strategy?

What if they all launch their budget and produce results?

It is important to understand the relationship and how Google can not change the location – particularly the recent changes to Google.

When working with clients through my agency, tacos, I have known some common proprietary mistakes of websites do when building links. And although it is a wise talk guide on link building, I see this error again and again.

Here are six SEO strategies for link building and how to fix them:

1. Building links links home page

It is logical to send home all the power of SEO because it is where you want everyone to start. But it is not correct. In fact, it is probably one of the biggest SEO myths. The home page can not be used for your key phrases.

I know you asked, “But what I’m focusing on the key factors I want to sort?

You need to build a rich content pages of your website to direct phrase and then build a link to this page. By following this method you will have a lot of links to a page on your site, not just your homepage. This is a more natural way to build links to your website.

2. Many keyword anchor text

As I mentioned in the previous section, your site is not the right place to achieve all the key phrases. It allows you to accomplish, rather than brand and build the search engine trust.

Therefore, when you put a link to a website, most of the brand anchor or enter the URL of your future.

A large part of SEO strategies is to build a relationship, which is the key phrase as anchor, but according to a study conducted by SEOJet, only 3 percent of your connection is the perfect combination as anchor text.

This principle is to build brand relationships can also be used for sub-pages. If you want your link profile to look very natural, you need to have some anchor text, no keywords, some URL links and anchor part of the mark as an anchor.

So another website should call you. It is reasonable to think that every person who ever joins you because they like your site, you need to use the main keyword phrase. So you can not do it.

3. Not enough nofollow links

There is a misconception about nofollow links and if you can get anything if you need to build links to your website. If you made an appearance, nofollow is a real point of view, so we can provide the owners of sites Google knows that there is a link and that can not rely on certain SEO algorithms.

In other words, Google estimates of real nofollow business leads is a real business to advertise. So how do you expect Google to recognize a real deal if you do not nofollow links to get publicity?

seo strategies for your online business

This is also supported, which an average of more than 30 percent of the links to top ranked sites nofollow links. It’s nice to have a nofollow link.

4. Not enough pages with a high concentration

If you want people to link naturally to your website, you need to create a lot of content already written, so that people link.

In fact, to build a lot of links on a page, you need a good, in-depth content. If not, you will get a lot of links to sites that are not natural.

Google does not believe the message of 500 100 natural relationship words could suggest. But the best guide to the subject and 5000 words, of course, can produce hundreds of links. There, you need to focus on content marketing efforts.

5. weak extension blogger practice

One of the best ways to get links from high authority websites is to write a guest blog for them. There are many blogs that accept messages from customers on their own, but the fact is that most of the guest posts can not be accepted.

This is done for two reasons.

Email is a template that can be used for any blog in the world if writing is not good enough. If you create a blog that potential, do not think of anything, but if you put the relationship with colleagues. To get new business partners and talk to them about your site and your needs.

Giving customers an article to help address those needs. Then make sure you write a great article. If writing is not your greatest talents, then find someone who is a great writer and help them help you.

6. In the plan of connection construction

This is one of the most common mistakes that almost all traders make. They think that if they make a lot of content, people will call you (the joy that no one, who is not in the future), or you need to build a link to the page and its distribution.

It is one of the most ambiguous SEO strategies. You can say “just go and stuff you sort.”

For some reason, people do not treat the connection as it should – like money. Giant money. Links to help you find on the first page of Google search results. A page equals money.

Your own personal money to create a budget (plan) and tell your money what to do. So if you give up care and money then you have a plan and you can tell what to do. You will find the main text that you need to get started and how much you can maintain the natural link profile. Using these SEO strategies, you can get better SEO results with few links.

You’ll be amazed at how much influence you can have on your list, to give yourself an edge over the competition by creating a link building miscues.