Podcasts have become one of the most popular media content, and it’s hard to say why. In the podcast in iTunes has risen in just 10,000 in 2008 to more than 250,000 today, more than a billion customers worldwide. Is your popularity is due to the fact that you can hear them on your way?

Is the sheer quality of the content that is available? Or just want an alternative to video and written content?

When listeners are, podcasts should be part of the daily use of content as well. They are organized by the leading authorities and offered some super-practical tips for starting a business primarily for social media campaign is booming. If you are in the area market, as I am, I recommend listening to the impressive eight podcasts on a regular basis:

1. Copy Blogger FM

Blogger FM copy podcast is hosted by Sonia Simone (who had already been suggested by Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris). Formerly known as Lede, Copyblogger FM is dedicated to exploring trends and themes related specifically to the writing and marketing of new content. Each week, Sonia Simone hosts a new expert (or experts) marketing games and explore a new topic or idea.

2. #AskGaryVee

#AskGaryVee Are from the podcast presented by, you guessed it, Gary V. (Gary Vaynerchuk). Show cover several topics of interest to marketers and business owners, but when it seems to shine is your experience in social media marketing. Usually, the show brings two new episodes a week, and give priority to answering the collection and user questions. So if you post a question, you may need to see the next episode. As this episode was filmed, votes received, the video is also available.

3. Exchange Cast

Conversion is a leader podcast Cast started pages that you can recognize the power of lead generation and specific conversion optimization. This is why you can probably guess what the main subject of your: conversion optimization. In each episode, you have a solid case study marketers or business owners who use strategy to improve conversion rate and main flow. It is a good source of inspiration if you need help in this sense the need (or just want more money to squeeze out of the campaign). Also, the episode is very short – usually about 15 minutes – so it’s definitely worth listening to.

4. Marketing of Over Coffee

Marketing on podcast coffee hosted by John Wall merchants and Christopher Penn, which ran weekly since 2007, this podcast focuses on what’s new in the marketing world, rather than delving into specific topics. Since the episode is relatively short (less than half an hour most of the time), they are perfect for when you just want a quick update.

5. StartUp

Created and hosted media company Media Initialization Gimlet podcast is a podcast that closely monitor CEO Alex Blumberg and effort to build his company, the media Gimlet from the beginning. This is a unique item in this list because most companies are looking for new prospects only once they have already been started or created momentum; Get the play-by-play for the company, which is no guarantee of success. Podcast show reality frontier at the moment but a lot of valuable lessons here in marketing and entrepreneurship.

6. Show Fizzle

Fizzle Fizzle.co The show is hosted by podcasts and three friends – Chase, Corbett, and Barrett. It’s a lot more fun than some of the others on this list. If you like a bit of entertainment for your information, this is the podcast marketing for you. The problem is that this is not strictly marketing; Instead, it is meant for entrepreneurs. However, one of the most important themes in many episodes, it is important to understand the public (which can certainly appreciate the merchants).

Byte 7. Growth

Byte growth is Hacker Growth podcast TV project, and offer new content every week. I have some short podcasts already in this list, but none of the smaller Byte growth. Each section is a brief summary of two to three minute piece “growth” oriented web content. It is ideal if you are in a hurry, or just want a high level of bullet points on a certain subject.

8. louder than words

Louder Than Words hosted by John Bonini, and focuses on the creative inspiration and materials of other arts. Bonini sit for the different guest every week in an interview; Clients are entrepreneurs, writer-stylists, but all who have found some success in the creative world. Discussion topics centered on what was successful in the individual and what marketers can learn from the person’s experience. Usually released every week, the podcast has not been updated since August – but not enough material to dig.

If you do not want to listen to this podcast, or you can not find something that suits your needs, consider getting one of your own! Podcasts are a great addition to blog strategy and opportunity to win the loyalty of thousands of customers.

The most important thing is to find the ideal niche – experience and appeal to the target audience does not currently belong to another person. It is, post content regularly, and can write the following list is a podcast listed on it.