Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg announced that he has given administrators the ability to create own group on facebook, thus offering brands and media companies for potential new ways to increase the commitment of a specific group.

The social network announced today that it will expand worldwide over the world, which for months had been tested in some markets. According to product manager Linda Xiong, Mark allows brands to build company pages or create own group on facebook without relying on administrators to create a personal account. This would be good news for social media managers who want more privacy and separation of work and associations the opportunity to make a set of “official” who can not form an unwanted or unofficial fan club and others.

mark zuckerberg- create own group on facebook

According to Xiong, this information is “external reinforcement or extension of our mission to bring the world closer together.”

“You can imagine that you have a support group for a product, with a lot of technical development,” said Xiong Adweek. “Rather than phone support, we’ve only manipulated the company, you can manually run peer-to-peer support, or maybe there’s another group, which is part of the most inspiring stories related to people who want to buy a product or service . ”

In a Facebook post today, Chris Cox said editor-in-chief of the collection of pages may also be issuer in question. He gave the example of the Washington Post, in which two employees of the group known as E-mail Post reporter began to guide the fans are able to deal with the story. He explained that “the digital version of a letter to the editor, but a real-time conversation is going.”

The upgrade will allow the company to move forward in its work to focus more on groups that CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in the past, part of a vision to build a more elegant online community.

In April, the Facebook community at the first stop in Chicago, the company developed new tools for the group as a way to help administrators and moderators can manage their members, but also by analyzing real-time statistics on participation.

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Zuckerberg also highlighted surgery on Facebook today and explained how groups can support users who have to deal with issues that are more serious, such as billing. He said AddictionUnscripted.com is the page where users can join active addiction support groups to communicate with users over 45,000 who share their stories.

“In today’s world, we all receive support from a variety of sources: family and friends, our communities, and the social safety net,” he said. “Public discussion will focus mainly on our social safety net, but I realize that our society is often so important to take care of us and a lot of our time to focus on building them.”