On Tuesday, Reddit’s social media network will launch a series of changes designed to encourage the participation of a very popular site to launch a public profile for users.

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In a decade, the focus has shifted from politics to confronting a specific forum heading to red. At the Forum to attract a large audience, users will find it difficult to share personal content legislation prohibiting self-promotion, he said Alexis Ohanian from the Reddit founders.

“If anyone wants to share something very scary,” he said in an interview.

On the first Tuesday, three high-profile users and Reddit said they drove more users in the coming months.

Working on his profiler more than a decade ago

Deformation of Ohanian and Steve Huffman site Reddit was hired by a new spam team and the initiative hired 100 new employees among the founders of the company and the new cover feature in 2015 outside of the year it was intercepted. Ohanian said he started working on his profiler more than a decade ago during his first season with Reddit.

“We are in a situation where we are making product improvements now, but the actual level of redness is too late,” he said