Facebook is partnering with a number of advertisers to create video ads as short as 6 seconds, COO Sheryl Sandberg confirmed about six seconds Facebook ad program.

Video noted Sandberg and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as they discuss the second quarterly conference call results with Wall Street analysts the company.

six seconds facebook

Growth the major reason behind six seconds facebook ad program

Facebook growth of 47% in the previous year quarter advertising revenue of nearly $ 9.2 billion is largely due to the strength of video and mobile advertising. And the two components are closely related, according to the executive. “Video is an important part of your mobile strategy,” said Sandberg.

Video has changed social networks, as people are consuming content out there and think about how advertisers reach them.

Facebook told him to hit the video advertisers with the fastest message. Sandberg said, calling six times, the appropriate length for ads in a recent test came Tropicana.

Tropic of Facebook advertising decisions, 6, 15 and 30 seconds long. Minimum sierra “through online meretricious greater,” says Sandberg.

Six second ads are standard on digital media through YouTube charging and recently embraced by Fox, to prevent advertisers.

Facebook enriched video ads product as part of a broader reform platform. He ran his experiments with mid-roll video ads and live video on demand, stopping to put in more North American publishing house, Sandberg said. Ad revenue with Facebook’s stock publisher.

The company also marched inventory in the second half of this year, partly because its main Newsfeed almost saturated, but also because of the emphasis on video can change the way people use Facebook.

More time to see the video, which means less time to search for news feeds, and less chance of the ads to go.

“The economy is very different from the power supply business we have,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook promises

Zuckerberg was careful to call with analysts, said there are still real issues to do video editing. But Facebook promises to continue investing heavily in video as expected.

Facebook has kept discussions about a number of media partners to produce the show on social networks and more people are looking for a longer video. Reality shows, sports and also scripting a number of maps and Facebook is expected to be the first series of the program was released in mid-August, according to Bloomberg News.

Analysts have on their side is more involved in Facebook Messenger and if it will be fast enough to keep pace with the growing problem. Facebook early in their efforts to pay the message, Facebook executives stressed.