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Trump retweeted video What actually is ?

Trump retweeted

US President Donald Trump has broken the next series of videos Jayda Frans Up, which is on the right side of the first right of the United Kingdom. All three publications appeared to have been violent Muslims, and Trump members ran fast. But does this video look like they say? …

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Trump videos that make Muslim fans


WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump on Wednesday changed several provocative videos that demand violence against Muslims. Trump sent a message early in the morning and brought them to the deputy chief of the British right wing extremist group of Jayda Fransen, a small group at the edge whose profile …

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Alabama Senate Race: It’s Trump Vs. Trumpland


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Trump vs Trumpland. The political muscle of presidential president Donald Trump to get a Republican run after the elections in Alabama, which is dynamically uncomfortable: he stirred the founder of the first branch loved by the most passionate fans, including former chief Steve Bannonin. Promoting personal loyalty …

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Russian probes form Trump loyalty test


Donald Trump’s current and former assistant representatives give their advice to simple clients: do not lie to protect the president. The Special Counselor provides Robert Mueller and Congress for the quality of auxiliary scholars – such as Hope Hicks, Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer. In the coming weeks, Trump’s long …

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Trump to close the US “dream” repression of immigrants

dreamer migrant

Plan administration of US President Donald Trump for nearly all illegal immigrants subject to expulsion to consider, but left the shelter for migrants called “dreamers” who entered the country illegally child, according to official guidelines issued Tuesday. Department of Homeland Security under the guidance of immigration officials are part of …

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Sweden has taken Trump recommendations for major events

Sweden has taken Trump

President Donald Trump smiled as he prepared for his Melbourne, Florida. Friday, February 18, 2017 to talk about Orlando-Melbourne Airport Susan Walsh “America is the Great Again Rally” HELSINKI The head and the absurd Minister Donald Trump suggested that the Swedish case was drawn in Sweden. During a rally in …

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North Korea Tests A Missile at sea


The first Sunday morning after North Korea tests fired a missile at sea, US President Donald Trump, the government of Washington, said Washington will prevent caliber responses to tensions. According to the US Department of Defense (ICBM), not the ICBM, the missile test can be tested at any time in …

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