Use a set of radiocarbon dates from a Virtual Site found, archaeologists have historically-high precision and sheds new about the process that led to the collapse of two great ancient civilizations.

Archaeologists long puzzled over what caused the collapse of the classic Maya is known as the ninth century, when many of the cities of ancient civilizations has left. Recent studies suggest that the Maya also met earlier this century under current known Preclassic collapsed over a misunderstanding.

University of archaeologist Arizona Takeshi Inomata and colleagues suggest in a new study published in more respect of the Academy of National Sciences in the autumn under the line at the same wave some social unrest, war and political crisis that led to the decline quickly and many city center.

The results are based on the date of the most refined and developed by Inomata and his colleagues used a number that has never occurred before 154 datings archaeological site of Ceibal in Guatemala, where the team has been working for more than ten years.

Although the same period of time may suggest that the collapse of the Maya slowly at which time a new, more efficient structure indicate more difficult problems and political recovery before any allocation.

Archaeologists Discover

“What we found is that in both cases the collapse (Preclassic and Classic) follows the same pattern,” said Inomata, senior author of the study and professor in the School of Social Anthropologist AU College of Science and Nature. “It is not just simply collapse, but the collapse is not the wave. One is that the waves a little, and related violence and political stability, the collapse in the future, as many facilities have left. And some improvements in a few areas, then the collapse of the other. ”

Use dating and archaeological data from the excavations of clay and very manageable, the researchers were able to establish the date of the suspension and the size of the building and went in Ceibal.

Although the results can not solve the mystery of why exactly the rubble No, they are an important step towards a better understanding about how they started.

“It is very, very interesting that these meltdowns are both similar in different seasons,” said Melissa Burnham, one of the three UA students of anthropology and co-author of the paper. “We now have a good understanding of what the process looks like it could be a model for others to try to see if the same pattern on the website (archeology) in the same area.”

Inomata anthropology professor and his colleagues and students UA Daniela Triad Burham, Jessica MacLellan and Juan Manuel Palomo has worked with colleagues at the University Ibaraki Naruto University of Education and Graduate Studies in Japan, and the ancient students and Guatemala.

Nothing has been done in Paleo Lab Company of Japan and the speed of Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at the UA Department of Physics.

“It has been used for a long time, but now we come to a very interesting, because it becomes more and more accurate,” said Inomata and chairs Agnese Haury Nelms justice, the environment and AU community. “We have reached a stage where we can reach a situation of social interest, such as the date of refined enough, and dating is correct.”

Archaeologists Discover New Evidences In Maya collapse