The level of pollution in London was worse than Beijing’s eyes this week.

Air China’s capital is known to be infected, but showed fine particles on Monday to focus on air readings of 197 micrograms per cubic meter of London, and 190 in Beijing.

It is the first time that London was rejected higher than in Beijing is an important step, according to the Telegraph, although higher concentration of nitrogen did peak in 2014.

As the capital of the British to suppress the fog, pollution was particularly acute in the city, Westminster, Kensington and Camden.

Particle levels in London is the heart back to a maximum of 108 in Kingston upon Thames, about 100, while prices in Beijing have gone back to level 300.

PM 2.5 or fine particles smaller than 2.5 microns. They are produced by all forms of combustion, power plants and industrial processes, motor vehicles and residential wood combustion.

Air pollution warning

This week, parts of London alarms “black” using the highest alert level. In a tweet, Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “Toxic air constriction in London today launched the” very high “air pollution warning under the new air quality warn me.”

The time at this time was still cold and it was, which means that the pollutants are not used. Last week, a cloud of toxic air produced by factories in Germany moved to London along with pollution from traffic congestion caused by traffic in London.

Text message warning people in the residents of the reading area home: “forecast high air pollution Thursday Consider spending less time outdoors, take medication if not healthy relationship GP …”

Subway stations, buses and river wharf signals throughout broadcast messages to visitors notice at the workplace, and displays on the roadside to alert drivers to reduce traffic on the engine to reduce emissions.

Environmental pollution is also included in South Wales and throughout the UK