About a year ago, I wrote a tip to big tech companies striving to reach Google, a column in 2016: “Unlike the last tablet pixel C, the Android apps are bigger Screen. ”

I am happy to say that this year, a little more sales came out at the end of 2016, but this week also called the $ 450 Samsung Chromebook, the first Chromebook came from Android, and I am happy to say that the box is designed from scratch to do the apps and ARM processors provide the power for most smartphones and tablets medicine. Designed in collaboration with Google.

Unfortunately, in my tests, including a few days ago, I found the Android version disappointing.

Beta is still available, Android apps, all apps, and most of those people seem to be clumsy inflated apps on your phone, and your Chromebook has no special software designed for the 12-inch screen. And there is something else.

Also, of course, it has a touchscreen and is still equipped with a pen Chromebook. This means Chrome works on Android. And only the Chromebook was so good. As web applications, ARM processors and Chrome OS, which are all basically running a browser, create modeller with this.

But, if you are looking for a portable version of the big screen of your favorite Android phone, you can not recommend it any more. “To be honest, it’s going to be a long process,” said the big Android optimizer number, which officially confirmed Google’s beta label on a Google Play Store Chromebook.

Another similar Pro Samsung Chrome made in April. The only difference between the two is that the Pro functions as a low-end Intel processor and it would cost $ 100 more. I have recently tested and found a buggier at the current high pre-release.

I am a guided combination of Android / Chrome OS, which is the main revenue source, because I think two Samsung machines do not say much about the hardware, not much.

Its screen is bright, crisp and responsive. Many laptop computers have a relatively slim, lightweight, 2.4-pound laptop that is quite heavy, thick tablets, so you can rotate the screen. The Stylus is also in place and is also working to comment on things like images, handwritten notes and images. The overall design is not very sexy and stylish. The keyboard is missing the back and the touch pad is a bit small. In my tests, despite battery life, web and usage applications are heavy and only eight hours of shy and full movies flow.

To better understand your hardware (as well as your own vision software), I recommend my colleague Dieter Bohn Plus and Pro’s review.

Great Bible Android. A No

Applications are running on smartphones, or rather, compared to iPad, Samsung Chromebook Plus, the app you will experience is clearly inadequate. There may be several reasons for this. Though this laptop uses the same processor family to use on most Android devices, the applications are running on Chrome OS. Google takes all this work, but it’s still a bit slow and buggy.

For example, I have come up with two more open Android applications, but because it is unusable in a case front and quickly behind the other flash and jump. This worked on the project while it was on the phone with Google exec. He said it was a known mistake that was fixed this week. And other insects.

In my tests, the Android app just crashed or froze several times a day being added. Despite the huge Facebook apps that loaded only a portion of the endless screen of the circle around an empty track. When I took the picture with a confirmation message Google Gmail itself and dropped.

But there is a bigger problem, more fundamental: including Android, Google itself: I even get a standard sized tablet, a standalone laptop computer – look almost right and go big screen flat.

There are two parts. One visual: Many Android phones seem like an inflated application. Some of them still appear in Google News and Google Docs and so on, do not seem to change the big screen shape, so float a large, very narrow text border area at an abnormal level. Strangely enough, such small prints are horizontally stretched Facebook Messenger, others to fill the print mode.

The second work is: I Plus has many UI apps that come with additional wall handy interface elements or users to use a larger amount of a screen, but still have the UI close on the phone screen.

These iOS apps are one of many different touches and negotiations – for example, iPad, Facebook Messenger two panels, on the way vs a larger iPad screen iPhone behavior way on screen. No matter if the only column version of iPhone and Android phones – and Plus.

Older Apple and encouraged for the dual version (or “universal”), given for their application developers, and the App Store iPad is to install the big screen.

Google said it was very difficult to do, but this year we have to say. Optimizing their own applications for the company and this, and calling the same thing to others. But for test 20 or more popular Android applications, this process is just getting started.

The company also admitted that some of the most popular Android applications, such as Gmail and Google Calendar, clocks and working conditions, are making a special effort to create some. But at the same time, most consumers believe that Chromebooks still have access to many such productivity applications on the browser.

Another issue: Tablet mode, the screen is always full. If you can not view multiple applications, even a narrow sidebar, you can see the app on your iPad or Windows tablet. Google says it’s possible in the next version.

On the bottom line

If a Chromebook Plus is purchased and intended primarily for use with a Chromebook, we need to look forward to a good experience. But if you are going to be totally dependent on the Android app, you can basically buy the start of a journey full of strange-looking presentations of famous apps, bugs and junkies. Certainly this trip can go along with Google and Samsung, but I just can not recommend things for traditional Android fans who want to work properly