Have you ever checked the site and see that people do not stay for a long time? Do they immediately when they come to leave?

This means that the site has a high yield rate. Is the jump, you ask?

“Bounce percentage of sessions from a single page (that is, sessions in which your site visitors from the login page, without interaction page)” (Google Analytics). To make it easier, people will find your site. However, as soon as they arrive, they leave again.

Bounce rate is critical

The bounce rate is used as a key performance indicator for the site. It tells us how the site was created, and how it actually is to educate consumers.

So you can use your bounce rate to measure the success of current marketing methods. It is considered that the exercise of (PPC) advertising Pay-Per-Click, and they will bring you more visitors. But the bounce rate of visitors is very high. With this information, you may conclude that people designing this ad is not a valuable prospect; They just visit your website to read the passage, and then disappear. If high returns, something does not work, and when you understand what it is, you can try out new methods and more efficiently.

In our experience, a high rate of return related to two main factors influencing this site: usability and content.


When a user has a web browser, they are expecting a good experience. They do not want to be disappointed. If they do not have a good experience, they are faster than they ever come out.

Usability is keeping three issues in mind when it comes to popping up: Project Times, Pop-ups, and Performance / Load.


If the design is too complicated, not mobile friendly or confusing to users anyway, they get frustrated and leave. The information should be found quickly and easily, you have a web interface. Content that is just a few clicks is needed than the feeling of fainting; Structures should be more visible.

Responsive Web Design (to match the site to fit on mobile screens) are all sites that had been planned since 2012 If a website does not have this feature, it is a big disadvantage. New Year 2017 approaching, and your site will be penalized by the search engines, if it is not mobile friendly. Responsive design is an important factor in SEO in 2017, according to the Google Webmaster Central blog.

Pop up

As most of us know, a pop-up window can often be overwhelming and frustrating. In 2017, Google has launched punishing sites that have annoying pop-ups. Not surprisingly, no one should be forced to take five tests, to give contact information, and create ten puppets just finished reading the blog. Pop-up windows that prevent visitors from using the site is a hindrance.

Pop-up solution can be configured to perform efficient and less complicated. I suggest considering the different styles of pop-ups to capture your lead. Try to place a block of popups in the bar at the top of the page or another area that is not really a consumer site.

Website Performance / Cost Times
The last topic is the usability and performance of page load times. Is Jimmy Johns going to be faster than the time it takes to load your site? It may be a bit over the top, but seriously, if your website takes more than a few seconds then increase your bounce rate.

High-speed Internet available in the home, office and mobile, people are now more impatient than ever to get information. If your website takes just a few more seconds to load, it is likely that visitors up front and try another site instead of waiting for you out there.


Another important factor is the quality of the rebound content. Poorly typed and confusing both offer a very poor user experience, and increased drop-off.

Content quality

Website content should be worth to keep consumers’ attention and continue to build brand loyalty. It should be well written and informative. It should not be too long, excessive, or full of spelling and / or grammatical errors.

Not only to promote the experience of high quality content for users, but also increases website SEO. The algorithm that Google and other search engines use to rank websites become more sophisticated all the time, and it has been selected by the content of this site whether it is profitable or not.

Deceptive content

Often, misleading content is used to get people to visit your site. This practice is really just a waste of everyone’s time. When people visit the website and understand that the content is not what they are meant to believe they will continue. And this is possible with a negative view of these things.

In addition, Confuse visitors disappointing, search engines will find it sooner or later, and they punished according to the site. This type of error can affect the company image too long time.