As a webmaster, responsive web analytics has determined that many things that need to be constantly monitored, delivering all performance issues, and resisting false panic, Google algorithm moves. Given Google’s entire web-based domain, John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst in Switzerland, decided to jump into the Google Hangout, which was run by a session of questions and answers by Google.

Google Web Manager Hangouts, you can ask questions directly from webmaster trends analysts and they are open to anyone to participate. After three hundred Google Hangouts, I came across a few basic knowledge pieces reinforced learning matrix:

SEO is not dead

While concentrating on the key words, Holy Grail is not a horrible idea to ensure that some are not. Google experts and managers are more “smart” to understand this fact. However, SEO is not dead. Just like anything else in the world given the evolution, you need to act with the best SEO practices Almighty Google algorithm. Most of them already know that they love improving the severity of optimization techniques.

Google’s approach is to punish, but at the same time to reinforce the busy behavior that teaches you. After a while, we did not use if your site is full of terribly long and short keywords that let the search engine dominate. The web can easily find web pages (if all the links are equal) and thus the web has a valid authority by linking the respective search terms and the specific structure of this algorithm. Check out our updated SEO Guide, which is updated. I worry about the content and design of your website.

All mobile initial indexing, sensitive

Google will soon launch its first mobile index. This update is in test mode and the results are sometimes directly available. Until recently, Google only received indexed content from the desktop. So if you do not have a quick website, now is the time to do one. Ready for desktop access to digital mobile messaging beyond the old method. Google clearly sees it and has common goals to stay ahead, quick to respond to your knowledge.

Since two different forms of web site for desktop and laptop computers when scanning your Google site, all important translation links may be lost. Google may not be able to “see” your mobile connection. She can not follow things I do not see it. For this reason, you lose an important signal in the web page sequence.

Google has undoubtedly announced the sorting of your site by using mobile version of content that eventually pass pages algorithms. This means ensuring that all sites (and your site) are friendly furniture. How to analyze your mobile friendly site using Google Page Speed ​​view.

Although Google has specific reasons for its rational efficiency, the capacity of this situation. If you constantly have to change two jobs every day, think for a moment. Now every day you have to complete two jobs each and multiply the business duties of two billion. This will slow down. The brain only has that much capacity. Well, Googlebot is as powerful, but has a lot of capacity. If this task becomes increasingly important as a result of consumer demand, what would you do? You need to prioritize the most important tasks and activities involved.

Now that you have set up a dynamic display or wise, and this site is compatible with agile web design, it is unlikely that the mobile first Google index will impact the site. Of course, even if it is a webmaster, it is not entirely clear, and it should be regularly monitored for web analytics data.

Interstitial find alternatives

I believe that we need to enter the e-mail address before the experienced site content of the banal beating block transition. They found this tactic as Google cringeworthy for a bad user experience. In fact, Google is right to call them “problematic”, especially on mobile devices.

Finally, when people become frustrated, they have other ways to get content from Google. And Google, like all other companies, is to protect the competitive strength according to the users’

To be sure, Google will make adjustments in the future. Some changes were considered reasonable when others left us unscrathed – and ran to catch. I always have a symbiotic relationship with this Colossus algorithm. This is a giant in the technology industry for good reason